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Best Esport betting sites review

Esport is a growing practice all over the world and will continue to grow in the coming years. But then what is the place of online betting in Esport? In wich country? In this article, we will explain how to bet on Esport and on which sites it is possible to do so. Finally, we will see together how to find odds and tipsters to follow.

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What is Esport?

Esport, also known as « electronic sport », is a discipline that refers to competitive video games. Today, it brings together millions of « gamers » (video game players) around the world who compete in increasingly high-profile tournaments.

If you are a fan of League of Legends (LOL), Counter Strike (CSGO) or FIFA games, you should know what we are talking about. Many Esport competitions bring crowds together in packed stadiums to cheer on their favourite teams like Fnatic, SKT or ROX Tigers. As an anecdote, the final of the last League of Legends World Championship attracted more than 43 million viewers and there were 36 million in 2018. This shows the growing interest in this discipline.

Some major professional football clubs such as FC Valencia, Manchester City and PSG (to name a few) have even decided to set up their own Esport teams.

This video game discipline has a bright future ahead of it. What about online betting in all this? Do they have a place in electronic sports?

Sports betting and Esport betting

And yes, today, it is possible to bet on Esport ! This is yet another sign of the sector’s strong explosion.

E-sports betting has appeared quite recently and it is possible to bet money on major video game competitions. Only some sites have decided to open up to this discipline and they are, for the most part, American (see below « Sites to bet on Esport »). Esport betting offers are expected to grow considerably in the next few years. New sites will certainly follow suit and make this new game option available to their players.

For example, in France, the competitive video game discipline is still little known to the general public and is only in its infancy. And as far as online betting is concerned, France does not yet have an operator approved by the ARJEL (Autorité de Régulation des Jeux En Ligne). To do this, we will have to go to England, the United States or even Russia. Recently, the FDJ (Française Des Jeux) has now their own website which is a great news !

France is nevertheless becoming more and more interested in Esport and a law promoting the organisation of better supervised tournaments has just been approved. We remain optimistic for e-sports betting!

How to bet on Esport?

Betting on Esport is actually very simple and similar to betting on sport. You have the choice between different events in the world of electronic sport such as world championships, European championships or national championships (LOL, CSGO, Dota 2, etc.). All these e-sports events are associated with several types of bets (we list a few lines below). And finally, all these types of bets are associated with odds.

To bet on this competitive video game discipline, you must therefore bet money on a type of bet whose odds will determine the amount of your winnings. And to win, the selected bet must be fair, i.e. the condition required by the bet must be correct.

Example: You bet €10 on Fnatic’s victory over Origen at the odds of @2.00. If Fnatic wins, you win 20€ (10*2 = 20). On the contrary, if Origen wins the game, you lose your €10 bet.

Below is a list of some of the types of Esport bets you may encounter:

So-called « traditional » bets:

  • Simple bet: as its name suggests, it is the simplest. All you have to do is bet on the victory of one or the other team (see example above with Fnatic-Origen).
  • Combined bet: in this case, you will combine several events and multiply several odds between them. You win if and only if all events are right. The winnings associated with combined bets are often higher than for single bets. However, it is more difficult to win because the risk is higher.
  • Live betting: in the same way as for sports, it is possible to bet live for electronic sports. This way you can bet during the games. The odds change and evolve throughout the game.

For example, during a CSGO game between FaZe Clan and G2 Esports, the FaZe Clan team’s score wins the game is @2.20 at the beginning of the game. Then, if FaZe Clan wins the 1st point, the odds can change from @2.20 to @2.00. And conversely, if G2 Esports wins the 1st point, FaZe Clan’s odds win the match can go up to @2.40…

So-called « special » bets:

  • Bets on the number of « kills » made by a particular player (LOL, CSGO, etc.).
  • Paris on the number of bomb defuses (CSGO).
  • Bets on the number of « full team » (winning a round without any member of his team being killed) made by a team (CSGO).
  • Paris on the number of drakes captured (LOL).
  • And so on… It depends on the bookmaker and the games you bet on.

Finally, to bet on Esport, you must of course register on an online betting site where you can bet money on this discipline. We discuss this in more detail in the next paragraph.

Sites to bet on Esport

To date, there is no French site that offers e-sports betting. It is therefore necessary to turn to foreign sites that have perfectly integrated this new discipline.

We have selected the sites that we think are the most competitive:

  • Pinnacle : It covers a large number of Esport tournaments and matches. The operator also offers very good ratings, often higher than those of their competitors. He is an internationally renowned bookmaker with many players.
  • 1xBet : It’s not very easy to access e-sports bets but once found, it’s worth it. Indeed, the odds are good and the operator covers many international games and competitions. That is, the game with the highest bet is FIFA. You can even follow the matches live.
  • Betway : It is a very famous sports betting site on the international scene. He has opened an Esport section that delights all his players since it is possible to bet on the biggest competitions and the best competitive video games. You can even bet live and find tips on how to place your e-sports bets.

Esport tipsters and predictions

And yes, it will be possible to find many bets on prediction app. You can even post your own Esport predictions and advise members of the Betivore site for example

To access all e-sport forecasts, it will be simple and quick. All you have to do is refine your search using a filter system and select the discipline « Esport ».

We let you know when we find others tipsters here.

Which betting site should I play on?

Here you will find impartial information on all the more well-known pages where you can play on e-sports safely and easily, we will rank the pages based on how good the odds are, how easy it is to use the pages, payment solutions, graphics, games and much more. So just keep track and you won’t have to look among the jungle yourself – we’ll do it for you instead!

Which sites offer esport betting?

Betting on e-sports has grown very much in recent years and most companies offer games on e-sports today. Which of course has a lot to do with the great interest that has grown very much over time. Traditional media has begun to pay attention to it all and it is quite clear that e-sports betting may be a new phenomenon, but it is here to stay.

Tips when choosing an Esport betting site

There are some things to consider when choosing a betting site for Esport. Here we list the most important:

  • Bonus. Choose a company with a deposit bonus that you think is good. You can get a pretty good cash out through the bonus campaigns that the gaming companies give you. Just remember that you often have to wager the bonus a number of times before withdrawing the money.
  • The odds. Just as with regular sports betting, you want to have as high odds as possible, so there is value in betting.
  • Variety at stake. This is up to you, but certainly it is more fun if the gaming companies offer many different games so you can play on everything and not have to feel limited.
  • Layout. Another important factor is, of course, that the page should be nicely layout and that it feels comfortable to be inside the page.
  • Navigation. A nicely layout page should also be easy to navigate. It should not be hopelessly difficult to find what you are looking for.

Biggest difference between betting on regular sports and esports

So far, betting on e-sports is relatively simple. It is usually about finding who wins a match or how much a team wins, but the market is constantly expanding.

The most common bet on e-sports is to tip the winner of the match, who / who wins the entire tournament, or to tip the correct result in the match. Another common way of betting is handicap, as you can bet that one team will win with si and so much more points than another team. Another game may be to tip over or below the X number of points.

Counter-Strike is the game where e-sports betting is the most developed. Here, for example, you can bet on how fast a match will be decided, ie how many maps will be played. Within CS you also count points, ie how many rounds the team takes – which you can bet on. And just like you can bet on a football player to score goals, you can bet on the number of Kills a number of Kills a player should make during a match, or the correct result when the match is decided.

In the strategy games Starcraft and Hearthstone, winners of individual matches and the whole tournament are usually the most common bets. Within the MOBA genre, it is usually match winners, tournament winners, the right results and points that are bet on. Of course, you have an advantage, just like regular sports, if you have a look at the players and the teams that are competing. It’s pretty easy to keep track of the competitors by checking the streams.


Esport is a discipline that is growing in importance. There are more and more players and more and more events relayed by the media around the world.

Regarding online betting, e-Sport is slowly but surely starting to make its way into the game. All around the world, betting sites and tipsters are growing, naturally, its a good news for esport!

Finally, e-sports betting enthusiasts will have the opportunity to discover many Esport predictions and tipsters to follow!

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