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The list above is betting pages for CSGO which we highly recommend. Of course, we at Esportbets.se are frequent users of these. That we ourselves play on the pages is a prerequisite for even being able to tip about them.

All gaming sites are carefully reviewed by us, so you can be sure that the betting site you choose is safe and secure.

When assessing and ranking betting sites, we assume a certain number of criteria that must be met. This includes games, security, bonuses and navigation.

Each gaming company is awarded a final rating on the scale of 1-5 stars, and we also highlight both advantages and disadvantages. This is so you should be able to get as clear a picture of the gaming company as possible before you start investing money on CSGO and other sports.

Tip: if you want more information about a gaming company, you can click through to its review.

We list CSGO betting sites according to the following criteria

It is far from all CSGO betting sites that can handle our controls, we only choose the best ones. But what is it that really determines whether a gaming company is measuring up? We will answer that question below. Keep in mind that there are, of course, more criteria than those we mention that weigh in when we select gaming companies. Here is a list of some of the requirements we place on gaming companies that are visible to us:

Will more games than CS GO take place in the offering?

A wide range is important! You will discover this yourself once you have started to bet. Only relying on the odds for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can be a bit boring. Therefore, it is advantageous if the betting site you choose also offers betting on League of Legends, Dota 2, Overwatch and more. Variation is the key to having fun when investing money in sports.

Another thing about the range that we always look up is how the game options for CS GO look like. This means that we can bet on more odds than just « match winners » and « tournament winners ». Being able to bet on the team that wins a knife round, gets the first kill or other special odds, is a prerequisite for a good betting experience.

Is the betting site safe and licensed?

In the first place when you become a member of CSGO betting sites you should think about your safety. All serious gaming companies have license numbers presented on their websites, usually either down at the footer or on the « About Us » page. Ensuring that a gaming company is safe and responsible is a must in view of past scandals at skins betting sites.

Therefore, a comparison site like this is an excellent tool in the pursuit of serious gaming companies. Because here you easily find out which gaming companies guarantee your safety, a process that might otherwise be somewhat complicated.

Does the CS GO page offer any bonus?

Bonuses are actually found at most CSGO betting sites and the offers vary depending on which site you ultimately choose. A welcome bonus is basically standard, where your first deposit is matched as a minimum by the gaming company. Worth noting is that bonuses are not only awarded anyway, they are almost always required of you as a player. Most often it is a consideration to turn the bonus amount x number of times on odds no lower than, for example, 1.20.

We have chosen to include gaming companies that we believe have reasonable requirements and conditions for their bonus offers. But it is still up to you to double check exactly what is expected of you at the betting site you choose.

Is the site easy to navigate?

Another aspect we always have in mind when considering publishing csgo betting sites is usability. And with ease of use we mean how easy and smooth it is to navigate the site. Furthermore, the loading time on the website must be fast as it also facilitates the user. There are few things that are more disruptive than a slow site!

CSGO bonuses 2019

A nice bonus can give your player a great push in the right direction, but it’s not the easiest to know what suits you best. For this reason, we review how bonus offers differ.

deposit Bonus

This is by far the most common form of welcome bonus. The deposit bonus is added in such a way that when you make a deposit you are awarded a percentage bonus up to a certain amount. Usually, the money you deposit is matched, ie a 100% bonus.

In some cases, the bonus is lower. Sometimes even higher, we have come across gaming companies that give you 500% on your first deposit.

Do not forget that with this type of bonus almost always follows wagering requirements, which means that you have to play for the sum a certain number of times before it becomes « free », ie you eg. can pick it out as a win.

Not infrequently, you also have to adhere to minimum requirements on odds, which are usually relatively low. Otherwise, it would be far too easy for a player to wager the bonus amount.


You will be offered a “150% bonus up to € 1000”. This means that if you make a deposit of € 1000 you are rewarded with a bonus amount of € 1500 and you are credited with a total of € 2500 in your gaming account.

To release the bonus, the gaming company has set a wagering requirement of 5 x the bonus amount, ie € 1500 x 5 = € 7500. In addition, the odds you play must be at least 1.60.

So what is needed to convert your bonus into real money is to bet for $ 7500 at odds higher than 1.60.

Risk-free games

With such an offer, you get back the stake you lose. It is mainly new customers who get to take advantage of such a bonus, but it is not uncommon for even loyal players to be rewarded with risk-free games.

However, keep in mind that with the repayment amount, a sales requirement normally follows.


You become a member of a gaming company that gives you a risk-free game up to € 200. You make a deposit of € 200 and bet everything on a CSGO match, you lose and your account is credited with € 200 in bonus money. That sum must be converted 4 times, ie a total of €800 before it becomes entirely yours.

Free Game

Sometimes it happens that gaming companies give out so-called « free games », usually it is a specific sum that you are rewarded in connection with a deposit. If it becomes a win for the bonus amount, it goes to you, but not the bet. Thus, you do not retain the original bonus amount, but only any winnings.

As with other forms of bonuses, wagering requirements also apply here.


Say you’re bidding on an offer to get $ 100 in the form of a free bet, and you’re putting the money on a match between Ninjas in Pajamas and fnatic at an odds of 2.00. If you think about what we described above, then your balance will not be doubled. Instead, it is only the profit you keep, ie €100. Some gaming companies do not have a requirement for turnover when it comes to free games, but as a rule, you are almost always required of you as a player. Therefore, be sure to check out what applies!

Free Games (No Deposit Required)

Players are usually completely crazy in free games with no deposit requirements, which is not strange considering that they do not risk losing their own money. At the same time, it is very uncommon for gaming companies to offer this type of bonus offer, as it can easily be used by « bonus hunters ».

In the few cases where free games without deposit requirements actually occur, it is always about small sums, around € 20-100.


When you open an account you get a small bonus amount to spend, without having to make your own deposit. But in order for you to pick out the sum, the gaming company requires a consideration from you. In many cases, turnover requirements x number of times.

Right now Betway and Arcanebet have offers that stand out, where as a new player you get a 150% deposit bonus up to €1500. Keep in mind that rules and conditions can vary greatly depending on where you play, so pay attention to what applies to you.

CSGO betting tips

In order to gain an advantage when betting on CSGO, it is central to learn as much as possible about the game and its competition scene. We recommend everyone to test the game themselves, watch when pros play, read about the law and examine their past performance.

A great way to gain a better understanding of CS GO is to check out tutorials, which are available on Youtube. Two favorites are the video creators WarOwl and 3kiksphilip, here is a clip with an introduction to the game’s basics:

Learn CS: GO

Try the game and learn the basic mechanics! A couple of days lurking is good enough to get acquainted with rules, weapons, race maps, tactics and other things that are necessary to know. You can then carry this knowledge with you when the time comes to pray.

As you learn more about the game, it will also be easier for you to analyze competition matches, which you in turn benefit from in live betting. There it is important to make lightning fast decisions based on what happens in a cs match. For example, if you Seeing a tendency to a comeback, it is a golden position to bet money on high odds.

Previous meetings of the law

Has the law met before? How did it go then? Look up statistics and compare results between the different teams. Even the strongest teams can have a kryptonite, that is, the lower ranked team that they often seem to lose against for various reasons. This may be something that the odds betters may have missed to include in their calculation, and then you have your chance to find very favorable odds.

The current form of the law

No team can be the master on the pitch forever, we have seen that with Ninjas in Pajamas, fanatic and now the latest Brazilian SK Gaming. What we want to say about this is that it is not necessarily best to bet on the favorite team.

Instead, pay attention to the present form; how a team has performed in the last 2-3 tournaments reveals a lot. In addition, most teams periodically fall into weakness, which is in principle inevitable. So there are several aspects to keep in mind before you tip the favorite team.

Has a team made changes?

There are many potential changes within a law that can affect how they perform.

An example of a temporary change is when teams are allowed to play with an umpire, and it almost always has a negative impact on the team. Because the player who is picked up may be assigned a position that he or she is not used to, or that the communication does not flow as well as when the regular starting five is playing.

It also happens, albeit very rarely, that the role of IGL (in game leader) shifts. Of course, switching IGL has an effect on a team, especially in the beginning when new tactics and ways of « calling » are implemented.

Game options & odds

A first encounter with cs go betting can be confusing, so in this part of our guide we have selected the most popular and most profitable game options. For those who feel like a challenge, we also list alternatives with odds that are easier to pin down, and for that reason can also give higher dividends.

The betting options mentioned below are taken from bet365, but similar odds are also found at Betway and other betting sites recommended by us.

Game options for beginners

CSGO match betting (1X2)

The classic « who wins the match » odds that most people probably already know. Here you bet on the team you think will win a match, in some cases you also have the option to select a cross if you think the match ends the same (15-15). It is unusual for tournaments and leagues in CSGO to have a draw as the final result, instead it is OT (overtime / overtime) that applies. CSGO match betting is a very popular choice of games, and given how much it adds to the excitement of an entire match, we understand why.

Disability – Rounds

This type of game is also called « spread », which means that the gaming company gives players a « handicap ». At times when the odds for Match Winners feel too stingy, this option may be something to snail on instead, since the odds are usually more advantageous.

Example: We have a match where Astralis (1.6) meets GODSENT (2.5), which you see, Astralis has the greatest chance of winning. But what would it look like if you gave GODSENT the advantage of starting 3-0 in rounds? With the advantage, the odds are likely to change, perhaps GODSENT’s chances of winning to 2.00 and Astralis will decrease to 1.9.

Teams to reach the final

Do you think you have control of which teams usually manage to advance to the final? Then this game mode is for you. Just as it sounds, you place a bet on the team you think will reach the final of a tournament. So your tipping goes in regardless of whether the team wins or loses the final match.

This option is a simpler variation of Tournament winners, which we go through further down, and therefore it is also slightly lower odds. So stick to « Team to reach final » if you find it too difficult to predict tournament winners.

Group stage winner

Group play is always an interesting stage in a tournament, partly because of all the games to bet on, but also because it is usually the favorites that top their teams. So this game option may still be seen as a relatively safe bet. However, you should not take for granted that the favored team ends up in first place, there is a certain risk of banging during a group game. Just because the matches are played in the format of bo1 (best of 1), and it can sometimes favor lower ranked teams.

Live odds

Anyone who is looking for fast and exciting bets to place in the middle of a match should apply for live betting. Live odds are a form of betting where you can bet on several different events while a cs match is in progress. Since the match picture is constantly changing, so are the odds, so it is important to keep up with the turns when you bet live.

Even if you can take home real profits when you bet in real time, you also need to be thoughtful. Don’t try to cover up losses with even higher stakes, if you play responsibly your experience will be more enjoyable.

Game options for experts

pistol Rounds

In this game mode, you tip the winners of the gun rounds. The top teams in the world usually have at least one player who shines during gun rounds, we have been in Ninjas in Pajamas and GODSENT’s dennis. Both are known for being able to take home the all-important gun round on their own, which usually means that the team also wins the next two rounds. Study how the team has performed during previous matches, there are a lot of statistics to look at eg. hltv.org.

tournament winners

It is not the easiest to pick a winner of a tournament, especially in times when most teams are seriously challenging to take home tournament titles. Given that SK gaming’s era of dominance seems to be over, this game option becomes even more difficult. For this reason, it is required that you do your research, find out everything you can about all participating teams in a tournament and place your game based on the information you provide.

Skins or real money?

Skins have long been the most common deposit method at CS: GO gambling, but today it is just as popular to use real money. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, and to make your choice easier we list here which they are.

Pros and cons of real money

  • The security of deposits with money is significantly higher than that with skins and this is also the method used by licensed betting companies.
  • Pay with the same methods as when you shop online for other things – ie Visa, Mastercard, Swish and e-wallets like Skrill, PayPal and Neteller.
  • Payments are made directly to your bank account or e-wallet, quickly and securely.
  • You lose your own money, unlike skins that you can get for free in-game.

Overall, payments with money are preferred over skins because you can then feel confident that your transactions are handled with the best possible security. Especially if you choose a licensed gaming company that has to follow several guidelines developed to protect players.

Pros and cons of skins gambling

  • You don’t have to bet your own money because you get skins when you play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. However, it is usually required that you trade in your skins to exchange the most valuable skins for you.

This is also where the benefits end. A majority of purely skinned sites have shut down their operations after Valve tightened the rules of gambling. Many lacked gaming licenses and allowed minors to bet their skins, which is obviously not allowed.

SkinPay rescue

For those who would like to continue to bet with skins, the SkinPay service is a smooth solution. With SkinPay as a payment option, you automatically exchange your skins for real money. However, Buff.bet accepts players even though they do not have a license here, which means that earned money must be taxed.

Frequently asked questions about CSGO betting

The questions are usually many when you are new, which is why we have collected and answered the most frequently asked questions:

Is it legal to bet on CSGO?

Yes, it is legal  to bet on CSGO, as long as you have their age inside (18+).

What you should instead look for is whether the betting site conducts its business legally or not. If you choose a gaming company that we recommend, you can be sure that it is legal, safe and secure.

Is there any age limit?

Yep, you must have turned 18 to be able to play with real money on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or any other sport for that matter.

Are profits taxable?

No, you are not obligated to declare or estimate your winnings if the betting site you are playing with operates in the EU.

Do your recommended betting pages work on your mobile?

Yes, we have thoroughly tested all betting sites in both mobile phones and tablets. In many cases you will also find apps specially developed for mobile phones.

Is it safe to invest money on CS GO?

Yes, both money transactions and personal information are handled with the utmost security by our selected gaming companies.

How is gaming addiction handled?

Information on how to seek help should be available to all betting players. In addition, it is not uncommon for betting companies themselves to produce advice and guidelines on how the person who begins to develop an addiction should deal with it.

This is how Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is played

Now we have come to the part of our guide that is intended for those who completely lack or have limited experience of the first person shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (usually abbreviated as CS: GO).

Here is a picture of what the game looks like, the map being played is Cache.

Below we run a fast school with information about the game and the rules that apply to matches at the competition level.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a sequel to Counter-Strike 1.6 and Source, was released on August 21, 2012. At first, many were hesitant about the game, critics said it was too buggy and that it did not feel like a finished product.

Valve listened to the criticism and released updates with improvements and tweaks. This in turn led to an increasing number of people switching from 1.6 and Source to CSGO, and of course a lot of new players.

Today, CS: GO is one of the biggest sports with millions of fans around the world following the scene with great dedication. The events that attract the most viewers include Dreamhack, ESL, Eleague and of course the major championships.

competition Rules

At the competition level, CSGO is played between two teams of five players in each team, terrorists against counter-terrorists. The team that first wins 16 rounds takes home the entire match. If all 30 rounds are played, ie it says 15-15 then OT is usually played (overtime) unless a draw is possible as the final result.

The main task of the terrorists is to place the bomb on either the A-site or the B-site, before time runs out. Or, as a terrorist, you eliminate all counter-terrorists before the end of time. As a counter-terrorist, you should disarm the bomb that the terrorists have deployed, or eliminate all terrorists before the end of the round.

The maps played at the competition level:

  • de_dust2
  • de_cache
  • de_train
  • de_inferno
  • de_mirage
  • de_cobblestone
  • de_overpass

Csgo at the absolute highest level means lots of different strategies for successfully combing all rounds. To see it from a different perspective you can see the game as chess, but much more advanced. So it is important to plan your moves well.

Another important aspect is the money system, as it is extremely important to keep track of one’s own and the opponents’ finances. The pictures below give you a sense of what in a game that strengthens the economy.

Interested in other esports?

CS: GO in all its glory, it is extremely popular with Swedes and probably the e-sports that is most frequently bet in this elongated country. At the same time, there are benefits to applying to other sports as well. Partly for purely practical reasons, like when no interesting leagues or tournaments take place in CS: GO, you can instead look at other titles to see what can be played on. But also because change is satisfyingly short and good.

In order to get a feel for which e-sports games you can choose from, you have our guide which includes an introduction to esports odds and betting just a click away. There you will have access to a collection of all the usual e-sports, explanation of odds, useful information on bonus offers and guidelines on how to choose a suitable gaming company.

New Bookmakers

NordicBet has really succeeded in esports! A wide selection of all games you could wish for, and many different game options


Paf with its good reputation is a safe alternative for e-sports betting. It offers a wide selection of e-sports where you will find League of Legends, CSGO and Dota 2.


Betsafe delivers a complete experience for betting on esports. They seem to have a good look at the stage and therefore do very well. The wide range of games contains all important e-sports games and a big plus is that you can also play live on some of them.

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