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CSGO gambling is a type of gambling that allows players from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to bet either their skins, or real money if you prefer. Players get a chance to put their earned skins at risk with the chance to win even better skins, or real money.

There are several different categories of CSGO gambling and they all have their unique traits that attract different kinds of players. When you hear the term ‘CSGO gambling’ you usually refer to betting, roulette, crash, coinflip, dice and jackpot – where you can bet either your skins or real money.

CSGO gambling in all its forms is extremely popular! Continue reading to learn more about how it works and which betting sites are safe and reliable.

Best CSGO Gambling Sites 2019

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We at Esportbets.se have collected the best CSGO gambling sites, so you do not have to spend your day searching the entire net in search of the site that suits you. There are many betting sites whose reputation is debatable, which is why we have gone through all of them and selected those that live up to the requirements to be considered safe alternatives.

What do good gambling sites have in common?

The best CSGO gambling sites for the year 2019 have special features in common and we make sure that the ones we list have all of these. Players should be able to access fair games on secure platforms to avoid fraud and theft attempts, in addition, it should also be possible to take advantage of bonuses and other promotions to keep the game interesting.

Of course, customer service at the various gambling sites should be easy to reach, which is why all of our recommended gaming sites have clear approaches to answering any questions you may have.

So if you are looking for a compilation of the web’s best CSGO gambling sites, you have definitely found the right one!

CSGO Gambling variants

You will find that there are several ways to play at CSGO when you visit gambling sites, but the most popular variants are betting, roulette, coin flip, crash, dice and jackpot.

Read more about the different categories of CSGO gambling below.


CSGO betting is probably the most common form of gambling. In betting, you bet on the results of a match between two teams or players. Just as you do in any sport, since many are already familiar with betting on regular sports, this type of gambling is easy to get started with.

It is not only the result of a CSGO match that you can bet on, there are also a host of other options to choose from. For example, you can place your skins or money on the team that wins a specific map, the team that gets the first kill, the exact number of rounds and much more. The variety found in betting is a contributing factor to why it is one of the most appreciated gambling options out there.


Roulette is a true classic in the casino world that most are well acquainted with and is now also a popular feature of CSGO gambling. In CSGO roulette you use coins, or coins in that you either bet on red, black or green, then spin a ‘wheel’ when all players have placed their bets.

Red and black are relatively evenly distributed across odds and dividends, while green represents 0, or 00, which means the odds of getting green are significantly lower than the other two options.

Tips for beginners

If you are playing with skins you do not care much about, it is green on CSGO roulette that you should bet on. Because then it would not burn so much if you were to lose. If, on the other hand, you win on green, you comb home big pots. When it comes to red and black odds, the more you bet, the more chance you have of winning.


You’ve probably stumbled upon Crash in the past when you’ve visited CSGO gambling sites, as it’s one of the most popular ways to play for skins and money. CSGO Crash is one of the most unpredictable gambling games and is definitely one of the most exciting.

The game is based on the development of a number that increases at a high pace and crashes at random intervals. When all bets are placed, the multiplier begins to climb and the winnings begin to fall in when it is high enough. The higher the multiplier reaches the better the gains, but if the multiplier crashes before a player does something, the pot goes to the ‘house’. Visit our page of all recommended CSGO Crash sites for more information.

Coin Flip

Coin Flip is a game type that is very popular in the betting world. The fact that the game is simple is one of the reasons why it is as big as it is. You play a one-on-one match between players who want to gamble with skins. To play, players must either start a new game or join an existing one and then select the Counter-Strike skins they want to bet.

Usually, CSGO CoinFlip sites have no limit on how many skins can be exchanged at one and the same time, however there is a limit to how many times players can be matched against each other. The player who initiates a match must select skins worth at least 5 points and the player joining the game must match this with a maximum difference of 10%. The flip itself is done with a random number generator, so it will be fair no matter who you are playing against.


CSGO Dice is a one-man game with random number generator that lets players make a bet and then throw a virtual dice in the hope of winning skins or money.

To start, the player must first make a deposit which is then converted into so-called coins. For each round, you bet your coins and determine the percentage and then roll the dice. If you hit the right numbers, you win. CSGO Dice is a nice game for those who like to be able to adjust their stakes in hopes of the big win.


CSGO Jackpot is a simple game where players create a pot full of items from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. When the pot has been filled by the participants, a number is randomly determined which determines which player takes the whole pot home.

One thing to keep in mind is that the player who bets the most skins is also the participant who has the greatest chance of combing home the pot. The chances of winning increase as tickets go: players who bet high-value skins get more tickets and thus are more likely to win.

Choose CSGO Gambling sites 2018

CSGO gambling can be found at major gaming companies such as Betway, Arcanebet, Mr Green and bet365.

When you play on esports there are not as many statistics and the betting companies do not spend as much on determining the odds. This means that they can often find good surplus values ​​in the odds offered. Often this means that you overestimate the chances that a favorite will win. This means that the odds for the other team can often be very attractive.

Therefore, it is extremely important to keep track of the team’s form when planning to bet on CSGO. Looking at the latest results for the team can give you valuable insight into what the team’s shape looks like. Of course, if you discover results that are uncertain, there may be many explanations for this. You should investigate what may have happened in the team, internal problems in the team, change of team captain or maps in the map pool are factors that can affect the game. In some situations, maps are sometimes removed from the professional scene and they are replaced with new maps when this happens so you should take the time to study how the different teams perform on the new maps. This helps you identify patterns. Insight into how the maps are utilized by different teams and can help you achieve better results.

CSGO gambling sites codes

Many gaming companies offer new customers a generous welcome bonus, often doubling the amount deposited. Competition for new players is fierce and gaming companies are trying to attract new customers by offering substantial bonuses when registering for a new gaming account. However, make sure that the gaming company of your choice offers esport betting. A welcome bonus is a great way to test a site and to wipe out your cash register. You also have a chance to win real money.

Esport sites and social media can offer various bonuses and free coins to their new players. Usually these usually come with a bonus code that you have to fill in. With these codes you can also collect coins to buy skins. You can also get information if it is free to start, that is, if they are so-called free gambling sites CSGO.

It is your responsibility as a player to verify that the bonus is valid. Make it a habit to always check the gaming company’s bonuses on their website or on lists that are constantly updating. Bonuses and bonus codes are constantly updated so always double check. Also, be sure to read about the terms of use for the bonus so you know if there are any special wagering requirements that you must meet before picking out a profit.

New CSGO gambling sites

New CSGO gambling sites generally have a nicer design than the pages that have been around for a while. As more and more people discover the fascination with CSGO gambling, more gambling sites are also launched. When choosing a new site to play on, you must ensure that they provide secure and well-known payment methods. It is also important that the gambling site in question is reliable. Our selected pages have been carefully reviewed, so you do not have to worry about being blown or similar. With that said, it is important that you find a site that is not on our list so double check their policy first. A new gambling site should also have a well-designed FAQ or customer service to deal with problems or complaints.

Secure gambling sites – choose carefully

When it pops up new gambling sites that seemingly offer bonuses that sound too good to be true, this is usually the case. If you find it difficult to understand how a CSGO gambling site can afford to offer new players such generous bonuses, then compare how it looks to other sites.

One rule of thumb is to look up what offers on average are on and then choose the game sites that have around 20% better than that. Then there are probably serious bonuses. But you still need to make sure the game page is credible and has secure and secure payment methods and protects members’ information with SSL certificates.

What payment methods can I use?

E-wallets are your favorite when it comes to depositing and withdrawing money in your player account. Do you like credit cards like VISA or Mastercard? Do you want to test using Bitcoins or CSGO Skins? There are a variety of payment options to choose from within esport betting.

Some payment solutions can only be used to deposit into your gaming account, and you cannot use them to withdraw a profit from your gaming account. VISA and MasterCard are two common methods. There are also e-wallets that you can use, such as EcoPays, NETELLER, Skrill and Paypal. Trustly is a payment method that allows you to make money transfers through your internet bank.

SkinPay is a payment method used by many new betting sites. Skins are weapons and other valuable items used in games. Skins have a certain value and you can convert skins into real money. You can then spend the money when you bet on sports. When you make a deposit with skins, the gaming company transforms your skins into money. If you win then you win real money and you can’t win skins on esports. E-sports specialist Arcanebet offers skins from both CSGO and Dota2 as payment. When you make a deposit with skins, Arcanebet transforms your skins into real money and when you pick out a winner you win real money. Thus, you cannot win skins but only real money.

Bitcoin is a virtual payment currency offered by a few gaming companies. This virtual currency was created by 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, which is probably a pseudonym.

Tip: If the gaming company is licensed within the EU or EEA then the winnings are tax-free for players. Many gaming companies have gaming licenses from Malta, which means the winnings are tax-free.

Summary of CSGO gambling

If CSGO is not on your radar other than current betting, it should definitely be. For every day that passes, it seems that gambling on CS GO is becoming increasingly popular and casinos and betting sites are taking it more seriously.

Now that you have finished reading, you are ready to start gambling, browsing and selecting gaming companies!

New Bookmakers

NordicBet has really succeeded in esports! A wide selection of all games you could wish for, and many different game options


Paf with its good reputation is a safe alternative for e-sports betting. It offers a wide selection of e-sports where you will find League of Legends, CSGO and Dota 2.


Betsafe delivers a complete experience for betting on esports. They seem to have a good look at the stage and therefore do very well. The wide range of games contains all important e-sports games and a big plus is that you can also play live on some of them.

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