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Do you feel that you want to place a bet just for fun, you can easily log in to a betting site that offers esport betting. You can then place a bet on Dota 2 and then wait and see if you win. However, if you want to increase your chances of winning or play and try to make money on your odds, there are some strategies you can use. Usually, several different e-sports betting sites offer odds on matches in Dota 2. What you can do to try to find the best odds is to compare these different sites. Some betting sites offer the same odds as they buy ready-made odds from different bettors.

However, there are some that use their own betting odds and that is when the odds can vary. Therefore, if you want to start placing odds on Dota 2 regularly, you can write down which betting pages usually have the same odds. When you have done it a number of times you know that you do not have to go to those pages to compare as they basically always offer the same odds. At the same time, you can write down which pages usually offer more unique odds and thus you can compare the different odds with each other more quickly and find what suits you best.

The risk of comparing different odds may be that the more unique odds are more risky. The established betting sites often have a more stable odds that may feel a little safer to use, they do not take the same risks and therefore offer lower odds. For example, you can place a low odds on a Dota 2 team that usually wins their matches or a slightly higher odds on the other team. Then you can decide for yourself if you want to risk your money and bet on the opponents who meet a good team.

If you choose to place an odds here, any winnings will not be big but you will instead have the chance to win smaller winnings. These possible profits can build up a higher amount of profit over time if you choose to save the money. This may take longer but you play a little safer than if you play at the more risky odds. The unique sites offer more attractive odds where you can play with high odds. Then you increase your risks by betting on odds that have a little less chance of happening but which give a higher dividend if they occur.

Last but not least, many Dota 2 betting sites offer a combination game. With a combination bet, you choose to place multiple odds and combine them on a bet slip. The risk with that is that if an odds do not go in, you lose the money, it does not matter if, for example, four out of five odds go in, everyone must be won to get a profit.

Betta on Dota 2

Many of these betting sites currently offer different kinds of odds on e-sports. All betting sites that offer e-sports betting offer odds on match winners and tournament winners depending on whether or not a tournament is played. However, in the long run this can be tedious to bet on so some pages now offer more options to place an odds on. For example, you can find betting sites that offer odds on which team wins a certain moment in the game, such as which team will destroy the first tower.

Other elements you can place an odds on can be which hero kills the opponent first in the game, which team gets 10, 15 or 20 kills first, that is, kills their opponents 10, 15, or 20 times first. You can also place odds that you think a team will reach the final in a tournament, that they will win at least 1 map and so on. Therefore, it may be good that you who want to place a bet are familiar with how Dota 2 works and keep track of which teams or players are good.

What is an esport?

One of the very first e-sports tournaments was organized by Nintendo, which in the early 90s held a Nintendo World Cup. E-sports means that you bet in different computer and console games. You can follow the gameplay through the internet and place your bets on what the outcome will look like, or the outcome of specific events. Nowadays, it is also popular with so-called LANs which mean Local Area Network. There, players can meet up and play computer games against each other in reality instead of sitting at home in front of the computer.

The size of different LANs varies, it can be a group of friends who meet and play or it can be organized for thousands of participants. There are also various tournaments organized around the world, one of the biggest tournaments you can play is the International. It is hosted by Valve Corporation and in recent years the tournament has been held in Seattle, USA. In order to play in the International your team must be invited by the organizer and you then play different matches in Dota 2. First you have to play qualification matches in your region, ie Europe and you end up one or two you go to the International. The prize money that can be won at the International is several million € and in 2013, the team Alliance won the entire tournament.

At present, e-sports is not registered as a formal sport when discussing whether an electronic sport is considered an activity that is sufficiently physical or not. This is one of the requirements for the National Sports Federation to recognize e-sports as a sport. However, it does not prevent organizers from arranging, for example, world championships in computer games. In addition, since 2008, there is a non-profit e-sports association, SESF and since last year, 2016, an e-sports association. There are many who claim and want e-sports to be a recognized sport, but for the moment, the one who said it is not.

When the term was first adopted and more people talked about an electronic sport, many people frowned and thought it was not a sport or sport. Now that it has been a few years and different media report and talk more about e-sports, it has also been accepted more by the people. Television, for example, broadcast another major tournament; Dreamhack one year. The largest LAN, Dreamhack, has existed since 1994 and has been held since 2001 in Jönköping in Elmia’s large exhibition rooms. There thousands of players flock with their computers to play together. It has become so popular that Dreamhack is now found in several cities around the world, for example in Austin Texas in the US and Seville in Spain. In addition to Dreamhack, which is held twice a year in Jönköping, there is, for example, an E-sport SM and the e-sports cup where different teams can participate and compete against each other. In addition, Metro Media House has taken the initiative and created the world’s first e-sports gala to be held in Stockholm in September 2018.

What is Dota 2?

Dota 2, or Defense of the Ancients 2, is a computer game developed by Valve Corporation. It came out on the market in July 2013 and is an action and strategy game that can be played by anyone, both professional players and people who just want to play as a hobby. The game has a fantasy theme and is a Multiplayer Action RTS (Real Time Strategy). This means that the genre of the game is a so-called real-time strategy with several players in one team. If you have never played computer games before, this might not tell you so much.

In other words, real-time strategy means that you have to be on your guard as the clock goes off and the game is constantly updated. In other words, the enemy can detect you quickly if you do not sit and play while the game is running. The opposite of this is called a turnaround strategy, then you can take breaks and leave the computer for the game to stand still until you make a new move, in other words, the enemy can not pull away and win the game.

In Dota 2, two teams meet, Radiant and Dire, which are on opposite sides of a game plan. Each team builds a base that is protected by some towers. In the middle of this base is the main building of the law called « Ancient ». To win the game, one team, such as Dire, must eliminate the other team’s, the Radiants tower and then also destroy the Radiants base and their Ancient. Only then has the game been won.

The playing field itself consists of a mysterious forest, lots of trees, streams and a lot of roads and paths that players run around and shoot at each other with their different weapons. There are many different effects that come from their weapons, such as fireballs, lasers, flashes and everything depending on which weapon is used. In one corner of the playing field there is a small mini-map where you can see where your teammates are holding houses and also where your opponents are. However, there is a fog or shadow called « Fog of War », it obscures some places on the map so you can’t always see if your opponents are coming towards you or where they are holding houses.

In each team there are five so-called heroes, ie players. The more you play with your hero, the better it gets at fighting. This is done by upgrading features, equipment and other tools as you reach new levels. In addition, there are automatic fighters who help every team. They do not do huge damage but can help to damage the opposing team’s tower, base and their heroes. However, they cannot win the game for you but your heroes do the great job and they are like assistants to help.

There are also so-called runes that pop up every two minutes along the river. It only pops up one rune at a time so it’s important to be quick to try to get it so your hero can take advantage of the rune. There are a few different abilities that a rune can give; for example, you can get faster, you can do twice as much damage with your hero, you can become invisible and so on. It simply depends on what the rune offers. In other words, there are many things that happen during the course of the game so you as a player must be on the alert to keep up with the game.

Betting on e-sports

Interest in e-sports has grown in recent years and various gaming companies have adopted it. Nowadays you can bet on different e-sports via different betting sites on the net. In other words, you can bet money on various e-sports events and possibly win money on your odds. Since this is a fairly new phenomenon, there are often some game tips and guides that you can read through before your bet.

There are various betting sites that offer betting on e-sports. Make sure the page you are playing on is a licensed page so you can safely place different odds. The best thing about putting odds online is that many game sites offer different bonuses. The vast majority of people offer a welcome bonus, where the gaming company usually matches your first deposit. This means that if you deposit 300 € you will receive 600 € to play for. However, there is often a so-called wagering requirement before you can withdraw money from your gaming account.

A wagering requirement means that, for example, you have to turn your winnings 50 times, that is, play for your winnings 50 times before you can withdraw money. This is usually not a problem as most players play multiple times and not only once, so any bonus turnover happens fairly quickly. Some betting sites also offer a risk-free bet where you can, for example, place an odds of € 100 without losing them. Either you win your odds or you get back the sum with which you placed the odds, ie 100 kr if you bet 100 kr.


In today’s society where many people like to add odds. Betting pages are constantly adding new stuff that you can bet on. E-sports is when you and other players bet on computer or video games. As e-sports grew and more and more became aware of this virtual sport, many betting sites chose to add e-sports to their offering. Today you can bet on the biggest online sports games including Dota 2. All betting sites do not offer different odds but some offer only odds on match winners or tournament winners. Therefore, it can be fun for those who want to bet more often on Dota 2, for example, to check out different betting sites and compare their offerings. For example, some offer odds on, for example, which team destroys the first tower or which hero gets the first kill, that is, eliminates an opponent first.

If you have never set odds before, you can often get a welcome bonus depending on which betting page you choose. A bonus is always fun to get as you can either get the double bet or for example a risk free game. Then you can use the bonus money to add more bets or the risky game to add a free odds. If you want to increase your chances of winning, you can follow the news and read about Dota 2, so you have a look at which teams are favorites, which players are good and so on. You can then bet on the alternatives that feel good to you, whether it is a low or high odds. You may have more control over some teams than other bettors have.

New Bookmakers

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