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FIFA Esport odds

Before you start betting on FIFA, it can be smart to find out what odds are and how it works. In short, it works just like when you play traditional football. For easier understanding, check out our example below.

Example: Let’s say that AFC Eskilstuna meets Helsingborg IF in a FIFA match in eAllsvenskan, a betting company has put 2.30 in odds on team 1, ie AFC Eskilstuna. This means that if team 1 wins the match it will pay a dividend of 2.30 times your stake.

If you invest 100 €on a win for AFC Eskilstuna, you have the chance to win a total of 230 €, with your own stake included.

Bonuses & promotions for FIFA

If you want to quickly and effectively increase your gaming budget, you can get an odds bonus. However, there is currently no unique bonus for betting on FIFA, but the majority of gaming companies offer odds bonuses that work on all sports as well as regular sports.

Most often these offers come in the form of deposit bonuses, so if you for example for more than 1000 €, the betting site matches your deposit so you have a total of €2000 to play for.

Other bonuses that may occur from time to time are risk-free games and bonuses without deposit. Although these are more rare and one should be lucky to come across such offers. On our website, however, you can easily see which players provide such bonuses.

FIFA betting tips and advice

We all have different tricks and approaches when investing money in FIFA and other sports. But there are some general tricks you can take to increase your chances of winning. To a large extent, it is about understanding the game and following the professional scene with its various leagues and tournaments.

Here are some tips and advice you can take with you when you bet on FIFA.

Past Results: An important parameter to consider before betting on a match in FIFA is to take a look at past results. Seeing how a player or team has performed in previous matches gives you an indication of prevailing form. If, for example, it turns out that the team you intend to bet on has coded several matches in a row, it may be wise to consider another lap before making a decision.

Player / Team Meetings: Looking at statistics of recent meetings the team or players between may come in handy when playing on esports. Check out what it looked like when they met each other online and on the LAN (ie offline tournaments). Are the wins evenly distributed, or does one player dominate the other? Carefully examine before placing your bet.

Current form: This is probably the most essential thing to keep track of before a match. Here it is important to put together several puzzle pieces that can give you an idea of ​​how good a player or team is in. Among other things, by looking at past results or investigating if there are any cases of internal strife in the team.

The editorial tips: Follow your favorite teams and players on social media like Twitter and Facebook. This gives you instant access to important information about any illnesses and other things that may affect how they perform in the next match.

Leagues and tournaments

FIFA as esport does not have as many years on the neck as other well-known titles, but nevertheless several leagues and tournaments around the world are organized. These include eAllsvenskan, FIFA eWorld Cup, Virtual Bundesliga, eChampions League and more.


eAllsvenskan is the largest FIFA league with twelve elite clubs making up the title and €500,000 in prize money. In addition, the participating teams accumulate ranking points for qualifying for the World Cup eWorld Cup. The clubs AIK, Djurgårdens IF, Hammarby IF, Örebro SK, Östersunds FK, GIF Sundsvall, Örgryte IS, BK Häcken, Helsingborgs IF, Jönköpings Södra IF, Malmö FF and AFC Eskilstuna participate with two to five players each.

Virtual Bundesliga

Virtual Bundesliga is a collaboration between Bundesliga and EA Sports in an effort to create a league where some of the world’s best FIFA players can compete against each other. The league started last year and today it is possible to bet on its matches with several betting companies, such as bet365 and Betway. As with eAllsvenskan, the law in the Virtual Bundesliga competes for the league title, prize money and important points for the eWorld Cup.

eChampions League

As you hear by name, this is a Champions League for the Fifa sport. It is a new initiative between UEFA and Electronic Arts where the world’s best players are set against each other. The competition was announced late last year but takes place this year (2019) between March and May where € 250,000 is at stake.

FIFA eWorld Cup

FIFA eWorld Cup was previously named FIFA Interactive Cup and has a long history behind it. The winner of the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018 brought home € 250,000 and a ticket to ‘The Best FIFA Football Awards 2018’.

FUT Champions Cup

FUT in the Champions Cup stands for ‘FIFA Ultimate Team’ and it is a popular game mode in FIFA where millions of players participate. In the Champions Cup, eight players compete on the playstation and eight on the xbox for seats to the eWorld Cup and a € 200,000 prize money.

FIFA as esport

FIFA’s potential as an esport is huge considering how large the player base the game already has. To give an example, FIFA had 16 more than 16 million registered players, significantly more than many already established sports games have. Despite the high number of players, FIFA has not yet made an impact as a sport, but now it seems that there may be change in it. Many football clubs and organizations are investing in esports today and therefore 2019 looks to be a fantastic year for FIFA.

Frequently asked questions about FIFA betting

For those who have no experience in esports betting and in particular FIFA, we answer common questions here.

How do I bet on FIFA?

Select betting page in our list at the top of this page. Visit the betting page, open an account and make a deposit. Then you are ready to start betting on FIFA matches.

Can I watch live leagues and tournaments?

Of course it goes. Leagues and tournaments in FIFA are broadcast on the services Twitch.tv and Youtube, in some cases also directly on betting sites.

Is FIFA betting safe?

As long as you choose a gaming company that is licensed, you can be safe playing on esports. All gaming companies mentioned on Esportbets.se are reliable and canon choices for esport betting, some even have gaming licenses here.

What payment methods are available?

It all depends on which FIFA betting site you choose. Our recommended players offer payments with everything from BankID, VISA to e-wallets and in some cases even skins.

New Bookmakers

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