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Our selected Fortnite betting sites have undergone thorough testing and reviews. Therefore, at these sites you can be confident that you will get the most out of your Fortnite bait. If you are curious about how we can find out which gaming companies get a place in our list, you can read on in the heading below.

How do I know if a Fortnite betting site is good?

For the best possible experience when betting, we list only the best betting sites. Where everyone has good reputation and a number of other functions that we consider to be important.

One thing to consider when starting with betting on esports is the selection and game options. A wide selection with many options to choose from weighs heavily to be listed on Esportbets.se. Not because there is something wrong with simple bets, such as match winners, but variation is simply best. In addition, our recommended betting sites provide competitive odds which mean players get value for their money.

As a player, you should also look out for bonuses of various kinds offered by various gaming companies. The type of bonus varies from gaming company to gaming company. Among our listed gaming companies you will find everything from deposit bonuses to risk-free games. Bonuses give players a unique chance to test betting companies and understand how betting works without risking so much of their own money.

Something that is highly valued when ranking and rating Fortnite betting sites is security. We always ensure that the gaming companies we are talking about are fully licensed to be able to conduct gambling business legally. Holding a gaming license means dealing with a variety of security protocols, which include protecting their members’ information and secure payment methods and much more.

The user experience itself is also of great importance to us. With that said, we make sure that our selected betting sites have interfaces that are easy to use with quick access to the various sections of the site. There is probably nothing worse than not finding what you are looking for when you want to bet.

Finally, we also review the customer service of the various gaming companies. We prefer companies that offer a variety of approaches to contact, but in particular a chat feature, as this gives players the chance to get answers directly. Game pages that only have slow ways to contact customer service on the order we rank lower on our lists.

Fortnite betting tips

Just as with gambling on any sport, it is important for players to know how the game works when betting on Fortnite Battle Royale games. This means that in addition to understanding the rules of the game at Fortnite, you must also keep track of teams and individual players who are competing in tournaments.

This is important especially when betting because the bets you place are largely on the team or player you see as the winner of a match or tournament. Bitter can keep up to date on teams and players by, for example, visiting their channels on social media. In some cases, it may also be worthwhile to read blog posts by the gaming companies where you place your bets, to see which tournaments are underway within the Fortnite scene.

Regarding actually placing bets, it is recommended that beginners primarily stick to betting on teams or players to win a match. This type of betting is provided by all betting sites. Then when you have more meat on your legs you can go ahead and try on more specially oriented odds, such as team to get first guy and more.

Find the best Fortnite odds

Part of our job here at Esportbets.se is to make bettors’ lives a little easier, among other things by keeping them updated around Fortnite. This involves finding the best Fortnite odds. Although Fortnite is a relatively new addition to the e-sports world, thanks to media attention and the gigantic player base, it has made a switch to betting. But so far, there are very few that offer bait at Fortnite. With this in mind, we have searched the web for the most advantageous odds for this game.

Betway is a great choice for this purpose as it offers odds for Fortnite and a host of other sports. You can also boost your bets here with our exclusive bonus of 100% up to €1500.

Bonuses and free bets

Not everyone uses bonus offers, but they are actually missing out on something that can lift the bet really well. Free bets and other rewards help players on their feet when they first get to know the gambling world. Several gaming companies offer excellent options for this but two that stand out are definitely Esportsbetting.com and Betway.

Esportsbetting.com gives new players a superb welcome bonus in the form of two risk-free games. Each bet must be worth €133.7 and can be used for any sport. The best thing about this bonus is that you do not risk losing any money, if your bet does not go in, the amount will be refunded to your account again.

At Betway, thanks to close collaboration, you get an exclusive bonus of 100% up to €1500. If you make a deposit of €1500 then it is matched by Betway and your gaming account is credited with a total of €3000. In addition to this welcome bonus, it sometimes happens that you get the chance to get free bets in connection with various e-sports tournaments. For example, you can collect $ 200 in free games every week by completing various assignments, which are often about investing a sum in a special match or tournament. But the fun doesn’t actually end there, but it also happens that you can take part in campaigns where you get various combo insurance on e-sports.

All of the mentioned bonus options may be helpful to players, but keep in mind that it almost always follows specific rules and wagering requirements.

How do I play Fortnite Battle Royale?

The Fortnite Battle Royale multiplayer game is designed to allow up to 100 players in a single match. It is a map that is constantly being played where a number of items are available to retrieve, including weapons, protection and other resources scattered throughout the map. Fortnite is about killing other teams or players and thus becoming the last surviving player or team on the map. As a player, you must avoid dying while destroying other players who are in the match.

During the course of the game, one must relate to a safe zone. This safe zone will shrink during the course of the game, so eventually you will have to bump into opponent players. Therefore, you cannot hide for long because you lose health if you stay out of the safe zone.

The unique thing about this game compared to other « royale » games is that you can build big fort here. Build quickly in different materials such as wood, stone or metal to get up high or close yourself up for protection when attacked. With Fortnite, it is fast-paced from the start and you quickly find weapons and collect materials to build large forts.

Overall, Fortnite is one of the most popular titles in the gaming market today with millions of active players each month. Even world stars like Drake and Zlatan have created big headlines when playing Fortnite with famous streamers on Twitch.


Fortnite betting is an entertaining and hopefully lucrative pastime. If you at the same time choose a good side to watch the Fortnite matches while you bet, the excitement increases another snap. As a bettor, you should choose a betting site that is safe, offers favorable bonuses, odds against competitors and is happy to broadcast the matches live.

Start betting on Fortnite today and choose one of our recommended gaming companies!

New Bookmakers

NordicBet has really succeeded in esports! A wide selection of all games you could wish for, and many different game options


Paf with its good reputation is a safe alternative for e-sports betting. It offers a wide selection of e-sports where you will find League of Legends, CSGO and Dota 2.


Betsafe delivers a complete experience for betting on esports. They seem to have a good look at the stage and therefore do very well. The wide range of games contains all important e-sports games and a big plus is that you can also play live on some of them.

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