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How to take over at Hearthstone betting

There are some things to consider before choosing to place stains on Hearthstone. The most basic thing is to test the game yourself, so you get a quick understanding of the game. If you need help with the stack, there are really good guides and videos available. We list some under the headings below. If you have a good control of the game itself, it will of course be easier to become a winner at Hearthstone betting.

Match results and general news about Hearthstone can be found at http://www.thescoreesports.com/hearthstone/news. They also have an app so you can read the latest about Hearthstone at any time, no matter where you are.

  • Get into the scene
  • What do the players’ previous meetings look like? Does any player have a certain takeover against another player?
  • How is the players current form?

Keep an eye on the Hearthstone scene


Hearthstone-related videos


Hearthstone – Odds and deposit bonuses

Betting money on Hearthstone and other e-sports works just like traditional sports. But for anyone who is brand new when it comes to betting it may be difficult to understand how it works. Odds are the ratio of bet to profit when betting. For example, if there is a high odds on a Hearthstone match, there is less chance of this outcome. However, the higher the odds, the higher the odds.

Example. Pros Jon « Orange » Westberg (1) and Janne « Savjz » Mikkonen (2) meet in a match. 1 gives 1.5 times the money and 2 gives 2.1 times the money. So if you bet let’s say, 500 €on 1 it gives a potential profit of 750 €.

Deposit Bonuses for Hearthstone

Just like regular sports, you can often get a really good deposit bonus when playing on Hearthstone or other e-sports. Most gaming companies that we have listed on our site offer new customers a deposit bonus. The most generous bonus stands for Unibet, with a 200% deposit bonus up to 1000 €, however it is not often they have odds up for Hearthstone.

Betway and bet365 also have very advantageous bonuses, in addition, they often provide hearthstone betting. Therefore, both Betway and bet365 are excellent choices if you want to invest money on e-sports, especially Hearthstone.

What betting options are available?

When investing money on Hearthstone, it is mostly common betting that applies. Currently, live betting on Hearthstone is not available from the gaming companies. Hopefully this will be something that will become more common in the future.

Regular betting on Hearthstone refers to the standard odds of 1, X or 2. In other words, which player wins (1, 2) or if the match ends a draw (X). Some special odds may occur, although it is not particularly common for Hearthstone.

For example, special odds may be about which player takes the lead.

How is Hearthstone played?

Hearthstone is played one by one. The game is turn based and you use cards. The cards can, for example, develop weapons, minions or magic spells. The game can be played between two human players or against a computer controlled opponent. Each player chooses a hero that represents a particular class. These classes mean that you get unique cards just for that class with special hero abilities. There are nine classes available: « Mage », Jaina Proudmoore, « Priest », Anduin Wrynn, « Warlock », Gul’dan, « Paladin », Uther the Lightbringer, « Warrior », Garrosh Hellscream, « Druid », Malfurion Stormrage, « Hunter », Rexxar, « Rogue », Valeera Sanguinar, « Shaman », Thrall.

Each hero starts with 30 health at the start of the game. If a hero’s health goes down to zero or minus, the player controlling the hero loses. A match in Hearthstone takes place on a battlefield that is randomly selected. Right now there are eight different battlefields: Stormwind, Orgrimmar, Pandaria, Strangletorn, Naxxramas, Goblins vs. Gnomes, Blackrock Mountain and Grand Tournament.

New Bookmakers

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