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Heroes of the Storm is a MOBA but is not at all like other games in that category. One of the biggest differences is that you play on more than one map, right now there are over 7 different maps that you play in tournaments. Each team has 5 players and the goal is to destroy the other team’s base no matter what map you play. All maps have different side goals, for example, to collect items scattered around the map that gives a buff when you have managed to get 100 pieces together.

On another map you should control 2 objects for a certain amount of time, which then allows your team to control a powerful hero who can easily destroy the enemy base. It is different on all maps but one thing they all have in common is that you get a forceful buff that lets you do great damage to the enemy base. At the competition level you play all maps, so a best of 5 series has 5 unique maps.

In Heroes of the Storm you have no gold and therefore no item shop either. All the player experience your team gets is global. So everyone in your team will be the same level. When your hero gets enough player experience to go up a level, you can choose new features and you can also change what features the hero can have before a match. Each hero has several different talents and offers you many different ways to play it. Right now there are 48 different heroes available in Heroes of the Storm.

The heroes available can be divided into the following classes « Assassin », « Warrior », « Support » and « Specialist ».

AssassinFalstad, Gall, Greymane, Illidan, Jaina, Kael’thas, Kerrigan, Li-Ming, Lunara, Nova, Raynor, The Butcher, Thrall, Tychus and Valla.

WarriorAnub’arak, Artanis, Arthas, Chen, Cho, Diablo, E.T.C., Johanna, Leoric, Mudarin, Rexxar, Sonya, Stitches and Tyrael.

SupportBrightwing, Kharazim, Li Li, Lt. Morales, Malfurion, Rehgar, Tassadar, Tyrande and Uther.

Specialist Abathur, Azmodan, Gazlowe, Murky, Nazeebo, Sgt. Hammer, Sylvanas, The Lost Vikings, Xul and Zagara.

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