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You have the opportunity to bet on Overwatch on several of the major gaming sites. Many of them also offer bonuses as a welcome offer so don’t forget to look for this when choosing where to play. Bonuses are a perfect chance to learn the game and test on betting without having to risk your own money.

When it comes to what you can bet on, there are currently two different types of bets that you can place. One means you bet on the team that you think will win and the other type of bet is called fantasy and both are explained in more detail below.

Fantasy means you bet on a specific player in one of the teams. Its bet during one or more matches then determines how much money you win or lose. Even though this type of bet is called fantasy, it is live matches that you play. This bet is the more unusual of the two but everything indicates that it is on the rise.

Then, as mentioned, there are match winners and it is the most popular game option for Overwatch betting. This simply means that you play on the team that you think will win the match. The odds are based, among other things, on how many people have played on a team on that particular site.

As I said, these are the two main bets you can place and the supply may feel a little limited at the moment. Some larger game sites may also have other bets, such as how many maps a team will win, who will win a special map or if one team will succeed in taking out the other. However, this differs from one gaming site to another so it may be good to look at different websites and see what options you have before deciding where to deposit money.

Overwatch betting tips

In order to get as good an overview as possible and understand what it is about, it is recommended that you test on the game before taking the bet on the odds yourself. There are also games that are streamed with commentators where you can follow the different teams. Of course, it pays to read about the different teams and news within the game. Many sites also have game tips that you can read on before the tournaments.

Since the game is still relatively new, it still makes a lot of difference between the best and the worse teams. Knowing which ones are the best teams at the moment also gives you an advantage when placing your bets. This also means that the odds may not always be as accurate as in the other games. The odds can also differ quite a bit from side to side. Because the game is so new, it also means that those who set the odds are also learning about the game. If you are already familiar with the game and the team, you can even get a small takeover over the gaming sites.

Immerse yourself in the law

It should be remembered that Overwatch is primarily about teamwork and being able to communicate with each other. It can therefore give you an advantage if you immerse yourself in the different laws. What kind of player is there? What kind of language is spoken, and how long they have been playing with each other. All this information can give you the small take-over you need to put in the winning games.

Look out for rattlesnakes

However, you should never underestimate a defeat team. Since most tournaments are played with what is called BO1, ie best of 1, there is always a chance of bangs. The pace of the game is high and you never know what can happen. A small mistake at the beginning of a game can lead to loss. When it comes to group game matches in a tournament you should also look at the position in the table. One of the teams may already be ready for advancement and then the match you are playing on can be meaningless. There are also several sites where you can see the teams’ previous meetings to see if it can give you a little idea of ​​what the match picture will look like.

On what course does the law thrive?

Regardless of games, you almost always have your favorite characters and courses and Overwatch is no different. By analyzing which team has which favorite course and positions you can also get as good a starting position as possible when betting on Overwatch. We mentioned before that you can change characters during the game. Despite this, the teams usually have one or two heroes they specialize in and in this way they can have an advantage even before the game starts. As mentioned, there are four different characters to choose from, but most teams only play with 2 of them. A good way to find out this information is to look at old matches and there are a plethora of websites with videos and other news and updates. As I said, it is not possible to know exactly which set-up the team sets up, but it is something you can keep in mind when putting up your game.

Can Home Plans Benefit?

Last but not least, you should also look at wherever in the world the current tournament is taking place. For example, the law can benefit from home audiences or be unfocused due to long journeys. If you are going to bet on which team takes home the entire tournament, you should also read a little about how the team has prepared. Today, most of them are on social media and most of the teams have their own page where they make regular updates where you can follow them and their successes.

Introducing the game Overwatch

The game was developed by Blizzard Entertainment who made a famous name in e-sports. They were behind the game Starcraft, which is usually regarded as the first professional game in the industry. But they are perhaps best known for their game of Word of Warcraft which has become a huge success worldwide.

However, Overwatch is more reminiscent of the very popular CSGO game as it is what is usually called a « first person shooter » game. So your job is to first of all control a character and survive all your opponents together with your team. How does Overwatch differ from its competitor CSGO? Above all, you have significantly more choices in Overwatch as you can choose from a variety of characters and that the graphics and gaming experience are much more modern. A match is played in teams of 6 and there is a lot that should be matched to get to the optimal lineup. Each character has a specific role and everyone in the team has a task they have to take on. Some in the team have more offensive tasks while others should focus on defending. You can also change tactics during the game if you see that the current strategy is not successful. You can also choose from several different maps that make the game a bit more varied.

Each map is designed to fit one of the four different game types. Here is a brief explanation of what these are.


This is also called payload and involves the players moving a cart to their target. This goal is different in different places depending on the bay map you are playing on. The defending team should prevent the offensive team from succeeding before the end of time.


Here, the law must either defend or take over several goals on the map. Here, the ability to work as a team plays a very important role.


This is a mixture of the two types of games mentioned above. The first part of the game fights the law of different goals as in the above « Assault ». After that, the map changes game form to Escort.


Here, the law on specific areas fights in a classic « best of three » round. In each round you have a new area to fight for.

In addition to these game forms, the characters are also divided into four different groups. We give a brief overview of these here:

Offensive characters

Their task is to do as much damage as possible and eliminate the enemies’ enemies. These characters are often very strong and fast.

Defensive characters

Their task is to defend vulnerable areas to be conquered by the opponents. Their job is also to stand behind the offensive players and help them.


These characters must also defend areas and protect their teammates by receiving as much damage as possible. They are very slow and large but also powerful.


Just as the name reveals, their job is to support their teammates. Their task is mainly to heal the others in the team.

Although the game is relatively new to the market when it was launched in 2016, they have already received a lot of attention as it involves very large sums of money. In addition to his own league, there are also a number of tournaments where different teams meet and compete. Today, over 30 million people play Overwatch.

How do the tournaments and the league work?

In fact, it was not initially planned to make Overwatch an e-sports game. Before investing in this, the manufacturer first wanted to see how the game was received in the market. Fortunately for anyone who likes to bet on e-sports, Overwatch received a warm reception. The first tournament took place in August 2016 and since then regular tournaments have been organized. As mentioned earlier, a league is also planned.

At the moment, most of the tournaments are open to everyone. This is different from other e-sports as you usually have higher requirements to participate. This is also evident in the bets and odds that become more mobile. The prize money in the tournaments is also significantly less than most other games. But as the interest in the game grows all the time, a change is expected in the near future.

It varies slightly on the offer depending on the site you are playing on. At some larger sites you can only bet on the bigger tournaments while other betting sites that are more focused on e-sports have more matches to choose from.

Are there any tricks to be successful on Overwatch betting?

There are, as I said, a lot of factors that must be taken into account when it comes to the different teams and matches, and it is not always the easiest to predict who will win. It doesn’t have to be the goal either. Many people see e-sports as a form of entertainment and betting on the games makes it a little extra exciting. No matter why you play, it is never wrong to win some extra money. As described above, it is simply important to have as good knowledge of the different teams as possible.

What does the future look like for Overwatch and betting?

Overwatch is still very new to the market but everything indicates that the game is here to stay. In line with the growing interest, it will be easier to follow the matches, several sites will offer odds and different betting options. So far, Overwatch is one of the fastest growing e-sports games ever and nothing says it will change.

We have mentioned the league a couple of times and according to the manufacturer Blizzard it will be something really extra. When this league is launched the matches will be more and the interest will increase even more. This means that players will be able to have a career just devoting themselves to the game. The forecast says that the bigger the league, the more viewers it will attract and also more who bet on the matches.


E-sports have grown in recent years and interest shows that it is here to stay. Overwatch is one of the latest in the line of games since it has only been on the market since 2016. The game is very similar to the popular CSGO as this is also a so called « first person shooter » game. However, you have many more choices when it comes to which maps and characters you want to play with. You always play in teams of six people and there are different maps and missions that you have to do.

Since the game is still relatively new, betting options are a bit more limited than other games in the same genre. But as you plan a new league and organize several major tournaments, this too will grow in the near future. This means that more players will be able to have it as a profession, there will be more money in the prize pools and more audience both on site and via live stream. At the moment you can bet on Overwatch on several of the big game sites, but this too will certainly increase as interest in the game increases.

There is no secret to how to become good at Overwatch betting, but the basic rule is that the more familiar you are with the different teams, the more chance you have of combing the big winnings. At present, there are several websites that specialize in Overwatch and you can regularly be updated as the different tournaments and what happens in the different teams. This plus that the team usually has their own websites or are active on social media.

Thanks to this, you can keep track of the form of the law, how it has been in previous meetings, and which are the team’s favorite maps and characters. All this, and more, obviously plays a role in the tournaments. But surely you can never be. Just as in other sports, screeches happen, so it can happen in the world of e-sports. Thanks to the high tempo you never know how a match can end. And unlike other similar games, a mistake at an early stage can mean that you can’t get revenge and catch up with the opponents.

The future certainly looks bright not only for the game Overwatch but also for the entire e-sport. By starting to get involved now before it really strikes, you can gain a small advantage over the rest of the market. So go out on different betting sites and see which ones have the best bonuses. This is a perfect way to get started if you are a beginner as you can work with as much money as possible. Just remember that in principle, bonus money must always be wagered before you can make a withdrawal.

New Bookmakers

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