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For those of us who love esports and especially betting on esports, it’s very fun to see how fast a game can go from being an early beta to being a game that big companies offer betting on. PUBG has really shown how fast it can go in the world of esports, and it is extremely fun that the big betting companies are so quick to pick up the trends and offer games on new esports. Although not all companies currently offer the opportunity to invest money on PUBG, we have succeeded in locating which of our partners has a good selection for PUBG betting.

PUBG bonuses 2019

As usual, bonuses are an important part of betting, and there is no difference when betting on esports. A good bonus can affect your winnings by several hundred percent sometimes, and in many cases at least double your bet. There are a lot of different bonus offers though, and it can be a little tricky to understand what applies to each type of offer. Here we at Esportbet’s work out the concepts for you, so you avoid unnecessary mistakes.

deposit Bonus

This is almost a standard bonus nowadays for all serious betting players. The principle is simple: new players get up to a maximum amount in bonus when they deposit money and usually it is about 100%. In rare cases or during certain specific campaigns, however, we have encountered bonuses that are as much as 500%, but that is, as I said, extremely unusual. However, for simplicity’s sake, we assume a 100% bonus. The offer will then usually be that if you deposit e.g. € 1,000, the gaming company gives you an additional e 1,000 to play for, ie. a total of € 2,000.

There are almost always wagering requirements on deposit bonuses though, so you can expect to turn your winnings before you can withdraw it. However, it is usually a pretty good requirement and if you are good at betting there are rarely any problems to solve your winnings. You can see a concrete example below:

You deposit €1,000 and receive an additional bonus of €1,000 (100%). Your gaming account now has € 2,000 that you can play for. The condition may then be that you must wager the 5x bonus amount, ie € 1,000 X 5 = € 5,000. There are also usually requirements for lowest odds, e.g. that there should be matches with at least 1.6 in odds. After you have played for 5,000 in total, you can withdraw everything.

Risk-free games

A risk-free game is as simple as it sounds; You simply get to play a game where any losses are credited and repaid. Most often it is new players or VIP players who receive these types of offers, and many times they are limited to bets of a maximum of a few hundred, eg. 500 kr. In some cases, these bonuses are also completely free of wagering requirements as well, which makes them extra attractive. In other cases, there are also sales requirements here, and then it can look like this:

You place € 200 and bet on a PUBG match. The team you bet on loses, and you get back your € 200, but now you have to play the sum 4 times before you can withdraw the money, just like the wagering requirement for deposit bonuses.

Free Game

Sometimes you may be lucky enough to be awarded a free game when you join a gaming company or have been a loyal customer. Then you get eg. 100 € to play for, and if you play on a PUBG match and win then you can keep the winnings, but not the bet. For example, it might look like this:

If the odds of your team winning the match are e.g. 1.6, and you get 100 € in free games, you win 60 € if your team wins the match. You will not receive € 160, but the company will take back what you received as a contribution, but you have suddenly won € 60 without risking your own money. Most of the time, you also have to transfer the money here before you can withdraw it.

Free Games (without wagering requirements)

This is something that attracts an incredible number of players for obvious reasons. To get e.g. 100 € to play for absolutely without risk and be able to withdraw the winnings directly is in principle a chance at free money. However, gaming companies tend to watch out for such offers so as not to be exploited by “bonus hunters”.

An example might be:

You open an account with a betting company and bet 100 € in free bets on a PUBG match, and you manage to hit the odds 1.5. Then you have suddenly won 50 € that you can transfer directly to your account.

Current offers

Right now Betway esport has the best deals where you can get € 150 bonus if you register as a new customer with them. Pay attention to the rules that apply as their conditions may vary.

PUBG betting tips

So now to the most important question, how do you get really sharp on PUBG betting? Just as with betting on all other sports, this is about knowledge primarily, but of course also a little flow. In the long run, however, we believe in the power of knowledge, and the best way to learn something is usually by doing it yourself. So step one in this case is obviously to play PUBG yourself and really understand the game and its dynamics. Beyond that, you should also watch movies on Youtube, and also check out Twitch when talented players are active. We do not recommend playing on things you do not understand, which is why we think it is important that you take the time to understand the game first.

Learn PUBG

A fundamental step, we think, is to play the game yourself. Take a few hours for a few days, download the game and give it a try. Try to understand how the game is structured, what advantages and disadvantages you can obtain, what strategies players can use, how weapons and equipment work and more. This will be very valuable information when you then switch to betting for real money.

Another great advantage that comes with having the game play itself and really understanding what happens is that a new world of betting opportunities opens up for you, namely live betting. We are big fans of it, so you can use your knowledge live when you look at the game to draw conclusions about what will happen. You may be able to discover a player’s benefits before the odds have understood what is going on, and you can thus put in quick and smart games that will be very profitable. Live betting also adds extra nerve to the viewer as it engages you in a different way.

Previous meetings between the teams

Now PUBG is a pretty young game, but all statistics are good statistics. Take the time to try to find information about the players and the teams, and if they have met before or not. In that case, you can try to find out how things went in those cases, and investigate if you find any trends. Here you may even succeed in finding something that the betting companies’ betting odds have missed, which can give you a great advantage if the betting odds are not entirely optimal.

The current form of the law

This is also a bit tricky with PUBG as the players are quite fresh and the scene has not really matured yet. However, there are opportunities to examine how the law has performed in the near future, and it is important to keep in mind that a peak may not be forever. All teams have weaknesses, and we have seen that in other games where many big teams have had decent weaknesses that have persisted for a long time. Some examples are e.g. NiP or Brazilian SK Gaming who have had some form in their CSGO teams.

The point here is that one should not always bet on the favorite tipped team, because there may be signs indicating that the team may be heading down, and then you may want to take advantage of the odds to your advantage.

Has the team changed anything since last time?

Sometimes when a team is playing, their regular players may not be available, and just like any other sport, someone else may take their place. If a team has an umpire, the team is probably not as interplaying, and it can affect the team’s cohesion and strategies throughout the match. Therefore, keep an eye on the lineups before you place your bet, so that you do not happen to bet on a team that is usually good but lacks regular players.

Game options & odds for PUBG

When you start with PUBG betting, there are many new game options and odds to keep track of. There is a lot going on in a PUBG match with the large amount of teams and players being fought, therefore many odds and betting opportunities are also created.

We list the most common game options below. Keep in mind that some game modes are a little more difficult than others to bet correctly, but at the same time, the winnings can also be higher if you are in control of the teams playing. We have taken our examples from bet365, but you can also find similar odds at Betway.

Game options for beginners

Winner of match or tournament

Winner of a match or tournament is a game mode that most people are probably familiar with before. It occurs in betting on all sports as well as physical sports and is the easiest form of odds to bet on. Because there are many teams and players participating in one and the same match in PUBG, the odds on average are very high. And that in turn means that if you guess right on the team that wins you will get a lot back on your bet.

The number of teams participating in a tournament depends entirely on the format the organizer uses. The more teams that play, the harder it is to bet right, by default each team consists of four players which in turn means that there are 20 teams you can bet on. There are also competitions and tournaments that are played at the individual level, then it is up to 100 teams / players and it obviously makes it harder to choose the right winner.

Top 3 final ranking

This betting option has similar layouts as « game or tournament winners », but instead you are betting on the team that you think will end up in a top 3 finish. The odds in this game mode are slightly lower, but at the same time it is more likely that you will succeed in dotting a team that ends up in the top 3 at least than winning the entire tournament or match. We recommend that you start by betting on the Top 3 final ranking before proceeding to test the winner of a match / tournament.

Although the competition scene in PUBG is still young, it is still possible to investigate which teams have a tendency to go far in tournaments and matches. Which in turn can increase your chances of betting on the right team.

Game options for experts

Team with the most kills in game x

As an example of game options for experts we have included « Team with the most kills in game x ». You therefore invest money on the team you think will succeed in killing the most in a specific game / round. It is not the easiest odds to stick in, and so we have chosen to include gaming options for experts. Although thoughtfulness is required for this game mode, it is also incredibly entertaining and exciting to be able to win money at specific gaming moments.

Frequently asked questions about PUBG betting

When the game is new, or if you are going to play for the first time, quite a few questions may arise. Here we try to find out the most common questions we encounter:

Is it legal to bet on PUBG?

Yes, playing at PUBG is perfectly legal as long as you are 18. If you live abroad, other laws may prevail, and we advise all players to check what the law says in the particular country where you are located.

What is more important is to ensure that the site you are playing on operates its activities in accordance with current laws and regulations. This is also a reason to choose only gaming companies that we at Esportbet itself have tested and recommend. This way, you can be sure that you play perfectly legally when you bet on esports.

Is there any age limit?

Yes, the age limit for betting with real money is 18 years whether you are playing sports or something else.

Do I have to pay taxes on the profits?

As long as the gaming company you are playing is active in the EU, your winnings are completely tax free. So you do not need to declare if you win money on esports after playing with those companies.

Can you play at the companies you recommend via your mobile?

Of course, this is something we think is important as you often sit with your phone at hand and want to be able to place your bet quickly and easily. Especially important is live betting when you may not even have a computer with you. Therefore, we only try to recommend gaming companies that have mobile-adapted websites or apps.

Is it safe to invest money on PUBG?

Yes, all gaming companies we recommend have the highest standards in terms of both deposits and withdrawals. You can thus be assured that your personal data and payment information are handled with the utmost security.

What if I have a gaming problem?

Gambling addiction is a serious problem and all serious players have several steps to take if gambling becomes a problem. Turn to the company you are playing at or check out at http://www.spelberandeel.se/.

Tournaments and prize money

Although PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has only existed since March 2017, several tournaments and competitions have already been organized. In addition, the juicy prize sums that the professional teams are fighting for are quite surprising given that the competition scene has barely taken shape.

The fact that it is invested in PUBG as an esport at such an early stage is clearly positive for anyone who wants to bet on the game. More events and tournaments in esport mean more opportunities to bet, if it continues at this rate then PUBG could very well challenge established games like Dota 2, League of Legends and CSGO.

With the help of our schedule you can plan your tournament look. If you are looking for PUBG betting, it may be wise to prepare your bets in advance, many betting sites post odds well in advance of a tournament taking place.

About PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Despite his young age, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground has taken the entire gaming world by storm. The game released in Steam in March 2017 has already hit several records, including Dota 2, which held the previous record for most active players at the same time. PUBG managed to get over 2 million players to play at the same time. By November 2017, the game had sold over 17 million copies, thus drawing in roughly over half a billion dollars in game sales. What you have to keep in mind here is that the game is only available for PC right now, which means that Mac users along with PS4 and XBOX players are still an untouched market.

Since the game is so young, there have obviously been a lot of problems to work on as well, but despite this, PUBG has quickly developed into a popular game to watch, but also bet on. Since the game usually starts with 100 players, there is always high activity among the players, which makes it quite grateful for broadcasts and viewers.

As usual, we at Esportbets want to be out early with titles you can bet on, which is why we have chosen to put together a whole section where we deal with PUBG betting more closely. Here we hope to give our visitors an exhaustive resource for any questions you may have regarding betting on PUBG. But before we start with that, we first want to explain the game to you who have not yet been lucky enough to play it. We usually recommend that you always try to play the games yourself that you may want to bet later.

That’s how PUBG is played

PlayerUknown’s Battleground is simply a multiplayer online battle royal game. The game has been developed by the Korean game developer PUBG corporation, which is part of the gaming company Bluehole. Most of us may have seen the movie ‘Battle Royale’, or the nicer and more modern version produced in ‘Hunger Games’ on which the game is based. The principle is simple: a collection of people is released on an island, and in the end, only one winner will be selected, the only one who survives his time on the island. So the game is about killing their fellow contestants and taking as little damage as possible themselves. To spice this up a little extra, the game map is constantly shrinking, which obviously forces confrontations and situations where players have to fight for their survival.

This concept has now been refined and developed by the PUBG manufacturers. Each round begins with players landing on the map by jumping parachute off a plane. The course is 8 × 8 km initially, and all players start empty handed. In principle, the game is supposed to be the last survivor on the map, and either you can play PUBG completely alone, or you play it in teams of max 4 players. In both cases, the winner is determined by being the last survivor; In team play, it is instead the team that wins rather than the player himself.

Once landed on the map, hunting for weapons and various aids begins. You can find different types of weapons by looting buildings and other things, but also aids such as shields, protective equipment, clothing, vehicles and many other equipment. Some areas on the maps can be considered to have better assets placed, but then they are also associated with much higher risk. The risks can, for example, consist of being seen more easily, or the area being dangerous. Another way of picking up equipment and weapons is of course to loot the bodies of already dead players. Brutal but effective!

One of the biggest stressors in PUBG is when the map shrinks. At a few minutes intervals, the playing field begins to decline, and the centering is towards a random area of ​​the game. If you are unlucky to be outside when the shrinkage begins, you take some damage, but can quickly rush into the playing field again. If you are outside for too long, all health disappears and you automatically die.

Another stress factor is the fact that the course is randomly bombed in certain places, which injures players who are there. However, players are given a warning before, giving them a chance to move.

However, more positive things may also happen, e.g. that a plane drops down packages of equipment that are not found elsewhere in the game. The problem, however, is that the packages emit a red smoke that allows all related players to see this and pull towards the package. What happens then you can probably figure out.

At first glance, PUBG may seem like a very long game considering the number of players joining and the size of the map. However, a round rarely takes more than half an hour, which means the game has a high tempo and is very viewer friendly. After each round, players also receive a virtual currency depending on their performance. They can later use this to make cosmetic changes on their own player, e.g. buy different clothes etc. However, this is not something that gives advantages in the game, but is only for the sake of sight.

One way in some cases to get an advantage in PUBG may be to change the camera mode of the player. You can go from first-person perspective to third-person. Depending on what you like most, you can get a certain advantage in how well you can perceive certain situations or other aspects of the game. However, this is usually regulated at the server level when competing, which means that everyone has exactly the same conditions.

New Bookmakers

NordicBet has really succeeded in esports! A wide selection of all games you could wish for, and many different game options


Paf with its good reputation is a safe alternative for e-sports betting. It offers a wide selection of e-sports where you will find League of Legends, CSGO and Dota 2.


Betsafe delivers a complete experience for betting on esports. They seem to have a good look at the stage and therefore do very well. The wide range of games contains all important e-sports games and a big plus is that you can also play live on some of them.

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