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Esport attracts both more practitioners and viewers, but also players who bet on esport. The most successful teams have loyal fans who spend a lot on supporting their idols and also when they bet they can make money from their favorite teams. Today, there are more and more sites offering games on esports and many sites are also being launched offering esport as the main alternative.

Smite started in 2014 and offers players a Multiplayer Online Batte Arena (MOBA) game. Smith by Hi-Re Studios and is designed to be played in a modern third person perspective. The American company Hi-R Studios has the habit of making games and has been doing so since 2005.

The e-sport Smites was released in 2015 for the Xbox One console and this makes the game the first of the three largest MOBA games released to a gaming console. Smite has a freer moving viewer angle, which makes the visual experience in Smite better than in other MOBA games. All skills are controlled manually in the game.

Smite has also proven to be able to offer huge prize pools for the World Cup. The size of prize pools is determined by how viable the sport is and also their potential life span is a factor that influences the size of the prize pool. The higher the price sums that figure, the more people will choose to try to play at the elite level. Although Smite betting is new and is in its infancy compared to sports like Starcraft 2, CSGO and Dota 2, spectators are constantly increasing and it can be a good investment to study the game more closely.

The MOBA concept is based on statistics like experience per minute, gold per minute and K / D / A (Kills / Deaths / Assists) and you will find good guides online that explain the game features in depth and also have statistics on the teams that were included in the elite teams.

When it comes to betting on Smite, it is similar to many other esports games such as Starcraft 2. It is most common to bet on a match game where you bet on a winner of a match or tournament. However, you can also bet on how far a team will go in a specific tournament or what place in the league a team will end.


  • Smite is a relatively new game that can be found on several online gaming portals.
  • The game has gained many loyal followers in a short time.
  • Smite belongs to the MOBA Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre.
  • The players consist of different gods who fight in an arena against other players.
  • There are various game modes – most popular is Conquest.
  • Is there a world championship with one of the highest prices in sports.


Esport is a sport where players meet in different games like Smite. Watching sports is something that will be more exciting if you have invested money and you can bet on your favorite team in esports. In theory, it is easier to predict the outcome of an esport match compared to a football match.

Smite offers a competitive environment where two teams play against each other five-on-five matches. The games are played in a conquest mode where the goal is to destroy the opposing team’s Titan in the enemy camp. In Conquest mode, two teams play against each other. The goal is to destroy the opponent’s defense. Other game modes are Joust, Assault and Siege. All game modes consist of two different teams and each game mode has different objectives. The game is played on a map with three fields. There is a jungle section with monsters that is neutral between each field. Gods, goddesses and other mythological figures make Smite an exciting platform. You can play on some sixty different gods such as Zeus, Athena, Loki and Ra.

When you bet on a specific match at Smite it is good to remember that most teams are fairly even which means that the odds often circulate around 1, 80. If you are looking for higher odds then you can think about if it is better to bet on a specific team through a whole tournament. You can bet on whether the team will reach the semi-finals, final or similar and this type of bet can often lead to higher odds compared to simple match play. Thus, by making these types of bets you can get higher odds, which means you can win more money compared to if you bet the same amount on a match with a lower odds. The risk you take is of course higher, but you can gain more from smaller efforts. If you are well versed in Smite betting and are convinced that a particular team will win a certain tournament or league, then it may be a perfect bet for you and with a little luck you may be bringing home a win.

bonus Code

In order to take advantage of the most advantageous Smite betting bonus, it is important that you keep track of different gaming portals. Different game portals offer different welcome bonuses.

Gaming companies offer welcome bonuses to attract new players. Often the only thing you need to do to take advantage of these generous welcome bonuses is to register a new gaming account. However, always check beforehand that the gaming company offers esports so that you do not get disappointed. Welcome bonuses are a great way to test a site and to play without having to invest your own money. You also have the chance to bring home real money.

Always check that the bonus is valid. It is your responsibility as a player to check the bonus and bonus code so it is a habit to always double check the information that is constantly updated on a gaming company website. The most common bonus is that your bet is doubled but there are also sites that triple the amount you deposit into your gaming account. Although it can be tempting to put in a larger sum to take advantage of a generous offer, it is important to check rules and conditions. There are often wagering requirements to be able to pick out any winning money and these vary between different gaming companies.

Play on esports

It is now popular to invest money in esports. Esport has become an industry that sells millions and it has also been recognized as a real sport. There are a large number of games to choose from. Competitions in computer games began in the arcade halls with different teams and competitions, Nintendo organized a world championship in 1990. The game changed when Starcraft and Counter Strike CSGO came out and esport games that we know it today started with these games. South Korea was the biggest when it came to esports and they were especially successful when it came to Starcraft.

Today you can play and bet real money on your esport team and it is interesting and incredibly exciting to follow their team and of course to be able to win money. If you are already interested in traditional sports and maybe regularly invest money in football then it may feel a little strange to invest in esports. But esports betting is becoming more and more popular and every match has a large number of viewers. So far, traditional sports have been more than sporting and have more revenue. One reason for the lower revenue is that there are currently fewer regular events but the interest in esports is growing and there are more and more tournaments.

When you bet on Smite you can also bet on how far a certain nation will go in a tournament or where they will place themselves in a specific league. For example, you can bet money on how far Germany as a nation will go in a tournament. This type of betting is suitable if you have difficulty deciding how individual teams will place themselves in a tournament. When you bet on how a nation will position, you broaden your bet, which results in lower odds, but the likelihood that you win is higher.

The World Cup in Smite has led to one of the highest prices in sports. The first World Cup in Smite took place in 2015 and the winning team brought home 1.3 million dollars. The competition was organized by the developers of the game, Hi-Rez Studios, and the eight best teams participated in the competition. Smite Betting has also started participating in several other major competitions and now there are Dreamhack and other major events in esports.

Information is important for your betting

When it comes to a football match, the big gaming companies have access to information which increases their advantage. The gaming companies have people on training and receive reports on every single event that can affect the outcome As a private person it can be extremely difficult to keep up to date and often you do not have as much or as good information as the gaming companies.

Smite is a relatively new game and just as with all betting, it is important to keep up to date and read about players, teams, matches and tournaments. Since the odds of the team in individual matches are rarely high, you can instead choose to play on different systems such as betting on three or more matches in one system. This means that the total odds are multiplied and your chance of a higher profit increases, even if you also take a higher risk and risk losing your entire bet. However, by keeping up to date on the different teams and learning about different teams, you can minimize your risks.

Utilize forums and social media to get information, it is usually delivered fairly generously. Following the pros in esports helps you learn more about the law and the games. You can follow the pros on social media like Twitter and Facebook. By following the pros, you can see which teams present the best and how they play. The more information and knowledge you have about the law, the higher the chance that you will be successful in esports betting.

When the law changes, they can change the odds quickly. The best teams are often superior because they have good cohesion and are interplay within the team, but if a team member is included, these factors can be changed quickly. On paper, a team with a new team member may have a worse chance and a team that is considered inferior can have a chance of winning a match. If you are well informed then you can use this information to your advantage and make a bite in the most lucrative way possible.

Live odds for Smite

Increase the excitement by watching Smite matches live on betting sites or Youtube while studying and playing at real-time odds. When you bet on esports like Smite, you can play on sports live just like when you bet on traditional sports. You can follow your favorite sport in real time and add bets as you follow a match.

Some of the very best players make their biggest money by showing when they play on YouTube and Twitch. If you pay a smaller amount of money then you can follow these players. You also get an opportunity to chat with these players, which is a great way to form an idea of ​​something that may affect the results in upcoming matches. For example, if a player has a cold, it can affect the results and keeping up to date if these things can be of utmost importance.

Being able to play and invest real money on their esports team makes the experience of following the game much more exciting. Before deciding to bet on an esport, it is extremely important that you investigate the teams that play a little closer. Just as when it comes to a football or ice hockey match, it is important that the team is in shape and ready for their match. Look at how the team’s previous results? Who did the team play against and how did it go? Who plays as a home team?

mobile version

Today, many gaming companies have a mobile-friendly website so you can easily bet on your favorite team in Smite via mobile devices. There are also gaming companies that have an app that you can download so you can bet on your team. You are not limited to your computer when it comes to Smite betting. Mobile odds are a trend that is catching new followers who are drawn to the opportunities to bet virtually anywhere, anytime. If you have an iPhone or Android phone then you can bet on odds on Smite tournaments.

payment methods

Are e-wallets your favorite method or do you prefer to use Bitcoin or CSGO Skins as your currency?

In sports betting there are a variety of payment options you can choose from. Make sure you avoid slow and inefficient payment methods. When you withdraw from your gaming account you also want it to go fast. You do not want to wait for your winnings, you prefer to have the money in your account at once and that there are no hidden costs involved in transferring the money. Make it a habit to always check which payment methods are listed with the gaming company that you are interested in.

One question many people ask is why not all gaming companies use the same system for payments and money transfers. The answer is that everyone has different perceptions of what is best for you as a customer. Different payment solutions are good in different ways. Some solutions protect your anonymity as a player, others are better at giving you credit as a player, for example you can play against invoice. Some payment solutions can only be used to deposit into your gaming account, while others also give you the chance to withdraw from your gaming account.

VISA and MasterCard are two of the world’s most well-known payment cards and they are accepted in principle by all stores and are found around the world. EcoPayz is a virtual wallet that you can connect to a virtual Mastercard so you can deposit money in advance. Neteller is another virtual wallet used by many gaming companies. With Neteller you can both deposit money to a gaming company and also withdraw money from the gaming company. One advantage of using a PaysafeCard is that it is more anonymous than, for example, VISA or Mastercard. A card from Paysafe is similar to a coupon with a code of 16 digits. No personal or bank details are required when purchasing this card. Trustly is another common transfer method that allows you to make transfers through your internet bank. Skrill and Paypal are two e-wallets that let you send and receive money. You use your email address to register an account.


The gaming companies’ support team helps you when you have problems. Experts on esports are there and that means you get first-class help with your questions. So you don’t have to worry that the support has no knowledge of Smite betting. You can usually reach the support by phone, email or live chat on most betting sites.

Check on the gaming site that support is offered. Many gaming companies offer support but sometimes there is only support for esport in English.

Layout / appearance

Most gaming companies strive to offer a special layout with background images when it comes to esports. The sites strive to have an easy-to-navigate design where you can easily and easily browse between different sections. Often, you can get an overview of the odds and the various games offered directly when you visit the site. Some sites that offer games like Smite also have a live chat on the first page where you can chat with other players and get tips and advice.

Encryption codes are used on many gaming sites to offer a site that is secure for the customer’s information. Often, the gaming companies have invested in systems that prevent the site from being attacked from the outside.

New Bookmakers

NordicBet has really succeeded in esports! A wide selection of all games you could wish for, and many different game options


Paf with its good reputation is a safe alternative for e-sports betting. It offers a wide selection of e-sports where you will find League of Legends, CSGO and Dota 2.


Betsafe delivers a complete experience for betting on esports. They seem to have a good look at the stage and therefore do very well. The wide range of games contains all important e-sports games and a big plus is that you can also play live on some of them.

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