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It is possible to bet on e-sports on several major betting sites, betting sites which mainly focus on traditional sports betting. Betting sites such as Betsson offer odds and betting on e-sports, but only on the larger e-sports such as Counter-strike (CSGO), Dota 2 and Overwatch, and the same goes for most major betting sites. Betway and Arcanebet, on the other hand, offer games at Vainglory.

What is Vainglory?

Vainglory is a mobile multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game where teams of three players fight against each other with the goal of destroying the opposing team’s base while protecting their own base. Vainglory is similar in many and many other MOBA games but when the game is designed to be played on mobiles or tablets it is a bit more stripped down, but still surprisingly detailed. Unlike other MOBA games, each team has only three players and the playing field is simpler. The game is played with the help of avatars, heroes, and there are around 30 to choose from, all with different characteristics. Here you can find heroes such as the warrior and the muscle knot Glaive, the sniper Ringo and the assassin Blackfeather who sneak in the shadows and attack completely without warning.

In addition to teammates and opponents, both teams also have « minions » to their aid. Minions are computer-controlled characters who follow the heroes and guard the bases. The battle takes place on the road that runs between the two teams’ bases and beside the road is a forest populated by creatures that can either help you or attack you. There are also smaller battles to fight, such as taking control of the source of the opponent’s minions and turning the opponent’s minions so that they fight on your side instead. Vainglory was launched in 2014 by game developer Supe Evil Megacorp and is played by millions of players today.

Vainglory is a pure mobile sport

Most e-sports are played on PC and with gaming equipment. But Vainglory does not belong to that category, because unlike for example Heroes of the Storm and similar games, Vainglory can only be played on mobile devices. Here you do not need to buy expensive gaming computers and other special equipment. Vainglory you play for free on mobile devices which of course makes Vainglory a cheap game to play, if you do not decide to buy the app. So far, you can only play from Android and iPhone. There are ways to use an Android emulator to play the game on PC, but when it comes to games, it is only played from tablets. It should be honestly said that Vainglory has revolutionized the e-sports world by being a purely mobile game, but it is probably not the last thing we see.


Vainglory was developed right from the start to be a competitive sport. In addition to the matches players play each time they play VainGlory, there are also Vainglory tournaments. Here, for example, offers the Vainglory Leauge VGL Challenger Series that can be played in North America, Europe and South America. It is an elimination tournament involving 32 teams.

Players who regularly play Vainglory can qualify for these tournaments by winning every match they play and as they face increasingly tough opponents. Although this is a very young game, there are already professional Vainglory players and hundreds of thousands of dollars have been paid out in prize money during the tournaments held since the game was launched.

There have also been a couple of World Cups in Vainglory where Redbull has been involved. In March 2016, they hosted the Vainglory Winter Championship. It was held in North America and lasted for a full three days. Here you can really see that e-sport has become a sport to be expected when the prize pool was $ 25,000. Sure enough, Vainglory is an e-sports game, the first mobile e-sports game to date.

Game options for VainGlory

The most common is to bet on winners but more and more variants of betting are growing all the time. The best way to find winners in esports is to have knowledge. Those who often play Vainglory usually have great knowledge of the game. Knowledge that can be converted into money by betting on which team will win matches during tournaments. Vainglory is such a new game that there are not so many tournaments yet but once these tournaments are played there are great opportunities to bet on which team will win.

Because Vainglory is so new, there are big swings, a favorite team can often be knocked out by a completely unknown team. So a betting tip is to not always listen to the experts’ betting tips, it is often better to collect as much information as you can before placing your bet. Unlike sports betting, access to players in e-sports is much better and it is often possible to contact the players themselves in a Vainglory team on different forums.

To be able to get an advantage on bookmakers there are some tips. Usually you have a favorite team that you want to play on, but it may be worthwhile to play against your favorite team. Of course, when a team is very popular, the players of this team play. With it, bookmakers benefit and set the odds based on it to reduce their own risks. Then it can be smart to play against your team to get better odds and win more.

Also, keep an eye on Twitch as it is a goldmine with info regarding the day’s shape of the law and also to get acquainted with other teams other than what you prefer. It will help a lot if you are going to invest in your team.

Stream matches you bet on

The most common way to watch e-sports is through online streaming, although some events are also broadcast on TV. As e-sports have attained a higher degree of maturity, broadcasts of e-sports tournaments have increasingly begun to resemble ordinary sports with knowledgeable and engaging commentators. Interviews of players and betting on e-sports take place in the same way as betting on any other sport.


In all betting, knowledge is important and to be able to place winning bets on a Vainglory match, it is important to know as much as possible about the team that meets each other and preferably also as much as possible about the players in each team. The best sources of knowledge are forums and all e-sports have member forums, as does Vainglory. The members of these forums are often very knowledgeable and know most of the best teams, and it is through these forums that you can get information about more unknown teams that have an upward trend.

Other sources of knowledge are Youtube, many teams post videos on their matches on Youtube. This is often their main source of income besides prize money. By studying these films you can get an idea of ​​the team’s strengths and weaknesses and how good individual players in the team are.

Another source of knowledge is Facebook. Before a tournament, it may be worth taking a look at the different player status updates and see what they write. For example, if a player the night before a match writes in a status update that he or she is feeling ill, this is important knowledge because the odds are already set. If a player in one team cannot play at the absolute top level, it may be worth betting on the other team, a defeat team, and getting nice odds.

VainGlory betting bonuses

When it’s time for a major tournament, you should have done your homework, read as much as you can about the different teams and their players, and be ready to start betting. Before that, you have also hopefully chosen the right betting site. Different betting sites offer different odds and there are websites that review these odds. However, the odds do not differ so significantly from betting page to betting page that it is worth staring blindly at just this, but what differs markedly between different betting sites is their bonuses.

If you choose a betting page to bet on the team in a Vainglory tournament, you should try to find a betting site that gives you a good welcome bonus. If you plan to continue betting, the betting site should, in addition to a generous welcome bonus, also offer bonuses on a continuous basis. A welcome bonus usually consists of a matching bonus for deposits up to a certain amount, for example a 100% bonus on deposits up to SEK 1,000. A good bonus gives you more to play for, which is always an advantage as you will lose from time to time.

Other types of bonuses can be free bets, where the betting site now and then lets you play at any selected event without having to risk any money yourself. Another type of bonus is the so-called safe bets that are offered every now and then where you invest your own money and keep the profits if you win. but get the bet back if you lose. Bonuses often come with some form of wagering requirement which means you have to invest the money you received as a bonus a number of times before you can withdraw them. How high the sales requirements are varies from betting page to betting page and may be worth investigating before registering with a site.

Live betting

In terms of sports betting, live betting is a matter of course, that bets can be placed during an ongoing match. You might think that a team that is under-sized can turn this under-ground into victory. If you can then place a bet during an ongoing match, you can usually get really high odds and an opportunity to win big if your bet goes home. Live betting has so far been unusual in e-sports betting, but it is starting to emerge and if this is something you are interested in you should choose a betting site that offers this. So far, only the really big e-sports live betting is offered, not on Vainglory but it’s probably just a matter of time.


A good betting site offers many different methods of deposit and withdrawal. Most people offer deposits and withdrawals using bank or credit cards such as VISA and MasterCard. However, it is an advantage if the betting side accepts more methods as some payment methods entail a fee and others take a long time.

If the betting site offers many different methods, you can find out which one suits you best and choose this one. In addition to VISA and MasterCard, payment services such as Skrill, Neteller and Paypal or Paysafecard should also be accepted, as well as regular bank transfer and why not Bitcoins.

A new and appreciated payment method is SkinPay, where you exchange your skins from CSGO, Dota 2 or PUBG for real money which you can then bet on. Since this option has not been around for so long, only Arcanebet is offering it by the gaming companies that we have listed.


A knowledgeable and accessible customer service can be a real lifesaver if something should pan out when it’s time for you to bet, a good betting site has many different contact paths and ways to reach support. There is usually a live chat and it is usually possible to reach customer service via email, but if the support is also reached by phone, this is a clear advantage. The fact that customer service is manned around the clock is also often a prerequisite if you want to bet on esports, for example at a VainGlory tournament as these are often played in a different time zone. If you are not sure about English, there is a clear advantage of a speaking customer service.


Since e-sports tournaments often take place in other time zones and you may not be at home when the actual match is in progress, it is a clear advantage if the betting site can also be used via mobile. It is not just when playing games in other time zones that it is an advantage that you can bet on your mobile, a good betting site should simply work on your mobile so that you can place a bet at any time. Because Vainglory is mobile e-sport, mobile is the obvious tool, not only for playing Vainglory, but also for betting on Vainglory.


When betting on e-sports, as with all sports betting, you transfer money to a betting site and hope to get money paid out when you win. This is because you can rely on the betting site you intend to bet on. You should always do a few searches on the internet to see what other players think about the particular site you were thinking of registering and depositing money with. If it has received many negative reviews – choose another betting page and read carefully what the betting page itself says about its security, how the page is encrypted and how your personal data is protected.


That a betting page is licensed is a quality stamp and you should not register with a betting site that does not have a license. A license guarantees that the betting site has undergone a review by a licensing authority and therefore meets a number of criteria, criteria such as offering adequate protection of personal data, that the betting site complies with certain set rules and that the site acts in a fair manner towards its players. Licensed betting sites often have licenses from gambling commissions in Gibraltar, Malta or the United Kingdom, but there are also sites that are licensed by the gaming authority on Curacao. All of these gaming authorities are serious and a license from any of these means that the betting site can be trusted, but you can choose – so choose a betting site with a license from a country in the EU. Curacao is located outside the EU and the UK will soon be outside the EU so a license from, for example, Malta is better as profits from gaming companies registered within the EU are exempt from tax.

In summary

So far, the betting offerings on Vainglory are somewhat limited, but there are a lot of established casinos and betting sites offering games on this MOBA e-sport. And it will probably grow quite avalanche given that the game is fully in line with the other developments happening in the gaming market with more and more mobile opportunities. Keep in mind that you become better at betting the more you know and the best knowledge of the game and whether its team is playing yourself. But also to follow discussions and updates on the forums for the game, and take part in the tips and advice given to be able to put a good bet on a match. Twitch and Youtube are great sources of information. Since it is a fairly new game so far, there is not really that knowledge of the game on all betting sites needed to set good odds. It can make you a winner over bookmakers.

Choose betting page with reason. It should not only be secure and encrypted. You should be able to choose payment options and preferably get a good bonus that can be played for on e-sports, preferably with offers of risk-free games or free games. Check that the betting site is registered and licensed within the EU. Should you have the knowledge and fortune to set a winning odds, and win big money, you surely want to be able to get that money tax-free.

New Bookmakers

NordicBet has really succeeded in esports! A wide selection of all games you could wish for, and many different game options


Paf with its good reputation is a safe alternative for e-sports betting. It offers a wide selection of e-sports where you will find League of Legends, CSGO and Dota 2.


Betsafe delivers a complete experience for betting on esports. They seem to have a good look at the stage and therefore do very well. The wide range of games contains all important e-sports games and a big plus is that you can also play live on some of them.

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